‘Star Wars: Episode 8’ Rumor: Snoke’s Connection To Mandalore Hinted

As the trailer reveal for Star Wars: Episode 8 – The Last Jedi nears, the stream of information about the film consistently flows, the latest of which involves Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis).

Supreme Leader Snoke is inarguably one of the most mysterious characters in the new Star Wars trilogy, and so any detail to emerge about him, be it big or small, inevitably creates buzz.

The truth about his origins and his motives has intrigued many Star Wars fans, who, in turn, came up with theories that most often suggest he is someone they already know.

The new information, which comes from the ever-reliable Star Wars source, Making Star Wars, reveals a bit more about where the Star Wars villain came from and the way he lives.

According to the site, there is a scene in Star Wars: Episode 8 – The Last Jedi where Snoke is seen donning a gold silk robe with a red decorative pattern. His throne room appears to have marble throughout with gold trim to match.

Star Wars watcher and YouTuber Star Wars HQ believes that this is a sign of the First Order leader’s wealth and rich taste. This also means that he is someone who has the resources and is a man of power. Making Star Wars adds that based on his standard of living, Snoke could be materialistic and one that puts a bit too much importance on money.

Supreme Leader Snoke as seen in Star Wars: Episode 7 - The Force Awakens [Image by Disney and Lucasfilm]

What is more interesting about this Star Wars: Episode 8 revelation is that Snoke is said to be wearing on his left hand a ring the size of the old “ring pop” candy with a big black crystal in the middle. While this could simply be him showing off his riches, fans believe it points to something much bigger and more menacing.

Many posit that the crystal in his ring is not there to make sure everyone knew Snoke is a well-heeled man with an eye for fancy style. It is speculated to be a kyber crystal, which, in the Star Wars lore, are Force-attuned crystals that Jedi and Sith use in building their lightsabers.

Younglings are tasked to build their lightsabers early in their training by collecting the kyber crystals from the Crystal Caves on the ice planet Ilum, as seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Interestingly, there are kyber crystals that are larger in size and also much rarer and hard to find. Regarded as the stuff of myths only, these items are mainly used by Sith in building ancient superweapons.

It is unclear at the moment what Snoke is doing with that kyber crystal in Star Wars: Episode 8, where he got it, and whether it had a previous owner. However, the size of it suggests that it might be one of the rarer ones, which would mean that he has something of great power that he can use against the Resistance.

More importantly, a black kyber crystal is central to the creation of the darksaber, a special weapon that originated in Mandalore. It was created by Tarre Vizsla, the first ever Mandalorian to be inducted into the Jedi Order.

The weapon became an important symbol of the house and was stolen on many occasions as shown in Star Wars: The Clone Wars with notable wielders like Darth Maul and Sabine Wren.

The darksaber as seeni n Star Wars: The Clone Wars [Image by Lucasfilm Animation]

It is unclear how or why Snoke would have in his possession a black kyber crystal in Star Wars: Episode 8 – The Last Jedi or what purpose or meaning a darksaber will serve him, but being a man of power and wealth, it is not hard to imagine him getting whatever he wants.

Star Wars: Episode 8 speculations have it that this ring plays an important role in how Snoke gets his power. Some think that he might be using it to easily project intense dark energy during battles. Whatever it is, everyone seems to agree it can pose a serious danger.

Previous reports suggested that Star Wars: Episode 8 will feature a physical Snoke instead of a computer-generated one like how he was shown in Star Wars: Episode 7 – The Force Awakens.

The towering villain was also said to be moving around a lot in one The Last Jedi scene as if he was in a fight. Whether this ring will be involved or not in that remains to be seen.

Star Wars: Episode 8 – The Last Jedi will hit the big screen on December 15. The first trailer will be shown at the Star Wars Celebration to be held from April 13 to 16.

[Featured Image by Disney/Lucasfilm]