WWE News: Update On When WWE Superstar Paige Is Set To Return To ‘WWE RAW’

WWE Superstar Paige has been out with a neck injury, along with nagging back trouble, since the end of last summer, and now it looks like fans know when she will be returning to WWE RAW this year. Yes, back trouble, along with other issues, made many people wonder what was going on. Her neck was bothering her as well, but many fans did not know what the issues were. It was then confirmed that the neck injury she had was causing all of her problems, which in turn meant that once it was fixed, Paige would be good to go.

She has not been wearing a neck brace for a while now, which made many people wonder if she was good to go. Apparently, she only had to wear it for a little while, and then the neck would heal up without the brace. The only thing she had to do was avoid issues where her neck would be compromised. That included things like roller coasters and, naturally, combat sports. This included the world of pro wrestling as well. She had been looking great, so most felt that her return to WWE would be coming sooner rather than later. They might be right as well.

According to Cageside Seats, Paige had a check-up with her doctor regarding the surgically repaired neck on Monday. The thought is that this was a check-up to see how her neck was coming along recovery-wise and if she may need to continue with therapy she is doing, combined with other things ordered after the surgery. While Paige can be cleared by her personal doctors, WWE doctors will have to clear her for her to return to the company.

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PWInsider is reporting that fans should expect Paige to be back to the WWE to work for the WWE RAW brand sometime this summer, which means her neck looks to be doing fine. It is rumored that she could return to the WWE as soon as next month. However, most expect a June or July return considering WWE wants to make 100 percent sure everything is going well. This would work out to a proper time for the amount of time it takes for neck injuries to recover.

WWE is going through a shake-up of sorts at this point and is shifting major names from both WWE RAW and SmackDown Live. Alexa Bliss and Mickie James are confirmed to be working on Monday nights, whereas it is expected that Charlotte Flair and possibly Sasha Banks will move to WWE SmackDown Live. This means that the addition of Paige to WWE RAW is essentially a pretty big deal, seeing as WWE needs to add stars to their women’s division for WWE RAW if Flair and Banks move.

Flair seems to be a certainty, but it is uncertain if Sasha will move. Regardless, the division is changing massively, and many girls Paige has never worked with are on WWE RAW. This means fans will see a lot of first-ever matches occurring due to the new and even older blood coming in. Mickie returning means we could see a great Paige/Mickie rivalry that could be very fun. Nia Jax may be kept far away from Paige due to her massively green work as of late. She almost broke Charlotte’s neck not once, but twice on WWE RAW this past Monday.

Meanwhile, Alexa Bliss has proven to be the best female promo in the business and could make a program with Paige very interesting to see. Alexa has also gotten very good in the ring the last few months, proving she belongs alongside the Four Horsewomen of WWE NXT. Bliss never truly had a chance to show how good she was at the top of the card for the women due to the four amazing NXT women. Once she jumped to WWE SmackDown Live, she proved to be one of the best. Having her go against Paige could be fun.

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Obviously, the WWE RAW Women’s Championship will be in her sights too, and Paige vs. Bayley could be a program everyone would want. The two have actually wrestled a couple times before, as they worked in WWE NXT with each other back in 2013 around the time Bayley first came in. However, 4 years changes a lot of things and Bayley is now one of the best women’s wrestlers in the WWE. Having Bayley vs Paige for the first time on the main roster would certainly be interesting. Obviously, though, Paige has to be cleared to return before any of this can go down.

It looks like fans will see her return, but most can assume she may run into some issues considering her relationship with Alberto El Patron has been very public and seemingly toxic to her WWE career. Paige also has two strikes against her for seemingly failing two drug tests on purpose, and WWE will be forced to release her if she messes up again. However, it seems that WWE knows what she is trying to do and won’t allow it. Her WWE deal is not set to expire for about two to three more years, depending on if they froze her deal when she got hurt.

All of that said, fans should still be seeing Paige work for the WWE for the next number of years. The hope is that she stays out of trouble, but being with Alberto, fans are not so sure that can happen. There are some who feel like this relationship may cost her the career she always wanted. Interestingly, Vince McMahon did try to hire Alberto back a few months ago according to Cageside Seats, but El Patron turned them down as he wants to retire with TNA Wrestling. That said, it’ll be interesting to see how the relationship with the two works out with both on the road.

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