Jenelle Evans’ Mother Meets Up With Courtland Rogers: Playing Dirty In Custody Battle?

Jenelle Evans has been working hard on changing her life around, especially when it comes to her home. Evans wants to provide a stable home for herself and her children, so she can show the courts that she's capable of taking care of her oldest son Jace. It's no secret that Jenelle really wants to have Jace back in her custody as she's had two additional children and is living with her boyfriend, David Eason. But after so many years, Barbara isn't willing to sign over the rights to Jace.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans' mother may be playing dirty to keep Jace in her care as she recently ran into Jenelle's ex-husband, Courtland Rogers. Jenelle was briefly married to Rogers, but ended the marriage after learning that he had relapsed. They were both drug users for a while, but Evans got sober for the sake of her son and Courtland told her he was sober, but lied. He was caught with drugs on him and was placed behind bars. Teen Mom 2 fans haven't heard about Rogers for years, but on Twitter, he reveals that he recently ran into Jenelle's mother.

"Got to see and talk with Babs just now lol....absolutely made my day and she has the cutest little dog lol," Courtland Rogers randomly tweeted yesterday, causing several fans to tweet him about Barbara.

"Thats awesome!! She was your mother in law for a while!" one person wrote, to which Courtland replied, "I actually miss her company (babs) :(."

It's interesting that Barbara is keeping the door open for Courtland, considering he was doing drugs with Jenelle Evans. Barbara has been very vocal about Evans doing drugs and using this against her to avoid handing back custody of Jace, and yet she will gladly stop and talk to Rogers. Apparently, things went very well between them.

"I bet! Cool that her door is open for you," a follower wrote back to Rogers.

It sounds like they just ran into each other rather innocently and it is questionable how much she would be able to use Rogers against Jenelle Evans in her custody battle. And this is probably the last thing Evans wants to deal with, as she's close to getting in front of a judge. Her lawyer has already warned her that her mother will bring up everything bad she has done in the past, including the drugs she has done with Courtland. But that isn't everything she's dealing with these days. Fan pages in her name are sharing articles that are negatively written about her Teen Mom 2 co-stars and people want her to take some accountability.

"Just to throw this out there.. I don't write any articles on my pages that are shared or posted about the other Teen Mom ladies. #JustSayin," Jenelle Evans wrote on Twitter after facing a backlash for sharing articles on a fan page for herself that bashed her Teen Mom 2 co-stars, to which people reacted harshly.

'It is under your name so you are responsible for what goes on there & you profit from it. If your admin's are posting stuff you dont approve of then it is your responsibility to get them to stop doing it & fire them if they dont stop," one person wrote to Jenelle Evans, who replied with, " I have my personal pages for what I like to post, fanpages are different."

What do you think of Jenelle Evans' mother meeting up with Courtland Rogers? Do you think she could get Courtland to support her court case to keep Jace from Evans or do you think Rogers respects his ex-wife enough to stay out of the drama?

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]