Javi Marroquin Business Deals: Is He Still Writing A Tell-All Book?

Javi Marroquin is starting over after learning that his divorce from Kailyn Lowry is indeed over and done with. While she has clearly moved on with her life as she’s pregnant with her third child by a third man, Javi is trying to figure out what to do with his life. He has been linked to several women over the past couple of months, but each relationship has ended. And maybe that’s a good thing because it sounds like Marroquin is busy with various business ventures. While Kailyn has taken full advantage of her Teen Mom 2 fame, Javi is just getting started.

According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin is now revealing that he’s very happy that his business deals are coming together rather nicely, and he’s excited about what’s to come. And this includes his tell-all book about his ex-wife, their marriage, the miscarriage that tore them apart, and his relationship with her son, Isaac.

“I can’t believe all these projects I’ve talked about for so long are finally coming together and almost ready for business,” Javi Marroquin revealed on Twitter, sharing his excitement about all of the projects he has been working on.

And it sounds like some fans believe that Lowry may have held him back when it comes to achieving his goals because she was in the spotlight. One Twitter follower even called her super selfish.

“Is the progress because you’re no longer married to someone super selfish?” one person questioned Javi Marroquin, while another person essentially answered for him, tweeting, “That would be correct.”

But he also got support from fans who are going through the same thing. Apparently, going through a divorce is tough and Marroquin is doing a good job staying positive and focusing on the future.

“Good job Javi! I’m going through a divorce right now. It’s hard to stay positive especially when you feel betrayed but you just have to,” one person wrote to Marroquin, sharing encouraging words about him moving on from his divorce.

“I’ve been silent for some time about all of the “talk” about me. Some of the comments on my social have been so horrible. It’s frustrating to know so many are judging me by the 12 minutes they see me on television. There are two sides to every story. I refuse to sit here and bash the other person,” Kailyn wrote on her personal website after facing some horrible rumors about herself and her marriage, according to her website.

“Please don’t judge me and bash me from the other side of your computer. You only know so much about my life and you don’t know the whole story. Please stop bullying me over something you know nothing about,” Lowry continued on her website, sharing that there are two sides to every story, hinting that what Javi has to say isn’t necessarily the truth.

“An agreement was made, we are divorced. It’s hard enough dealing with it but it’s harder dealing with in the public eye. I will not sit here and go back and fourth.There are always two sides to every story,” she has revealed on her website about their marriage, confirming what Javi Marroquin had previously said about their marriage being over.

For a while, people didn’t know whether they were married or legally divorced. They had both signed the papers, and they were waiting for a judge to sign the documents. That finally happened and now they are legally single.

What do you think of Javi Marroquin’s business deals? Do you look forward to reading his tell-all book, which will possibly discuss his marriage?

[Featured Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Star Magazine]