‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jake Leaves A Clue For Franco, Why Is He So Frightened Of The Scarecrow?

This week on General Hospital has started out with plenty of drama, and it is not about to slow down anytime soon. Jake Webber’s back story on the time that he spent with Helena Cassadine is in full swing and viewers are ready to find out exactly what happened there and why it happened. Jake is trying to tell his crazy adventure on Cassadine Island through his drawings, but his dad, Jason Morgan, is the one who stands in the way.

It is obvious just how much Jason hates Franco Baldwin. You certainly can’t blame the guy. After all, he did terrorize his loved ones years ago. Franco has since turned his life around, but Jason doesn’t care. He wants him to stay far away from his family, especially Jake. The problem is that his little boy doesn’t want to stay away from Franco. On Monday’s episode of General Hospital, Jason issued a warning that he is to stay out of his son’s life. Will Franco heed the warning?

According to spoilers by Soap Central, Franco will become very concerned about Jake. The boy left his timeline in the art studio for Franco to see. Jake wasn’t supposed to be there, but he was desperate enough to take the chance going to see him. Jake knows that Jason doesn’t like Franco, but he doesn’t understand it all. He is seeking Franco out so that he can tell his story in pictures.

Once Jason and Elizabeth left with their son, Franco discovered the timeline that Jake had left for him and that he had added to the drawing to go along with the scarecrow he had previously drawn. It is all a mystery on General Hospital, but it is all coming out slowly. He drew what looked to be himself hiding behind a tree as he was looking at the scarecrow. The picture depicted a scared little boy trying to hide from something that frightened him and that would be the scarecrow.

Who is this scarecrow supposed to be? There were speculations at first that maybe it was Valentin Cassadine who could have been on the island at the same time that Jake was and that he was the scarecrow. However, rumor has it that the person who is actually scaring Jake is his daddy, Jason Morgan. According to future General Hospital spoilers from Soaps She Knows, Jake will tell Franco a secret and it is supposed to be a big one.

While nothing has been confirmed yet as to what that secret will be, speculations are going around that the secret that will be revealed is that Jason Morgan is not Jake’s dad after all. Many General Hospital fans are hoping that it turns out that Lucky Spencer is his real daddy and that there could be a twist coming soon. However this all plays out, it is obvious that Helena Cassadine really messed that little guy up somehow.

General Hospital Helena
What did Helena do to Jake? [Image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]

When Jake came back home after everyone thought he had died in the car accident, he acted very strangely. He has since turned out to be a happier child and a lot of that has to do with his friendship with Franco, even before he started dating his mom. Now Jason is threatening that relationship, which may be bringing up a lot of those memories for Jake. Is he really scared of his own father?

It is all about to explode and that little boy is right in the middle of it. Elizabeth wants to know the truth and so does Jason, but they may not like what is about to be revealed. Why do you think Jake was hiding from the scarecrow in that timeline? Will there be some sort of twist coming up on General Hospital?

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