Harry Styles New Song ‘Sign Of The Times’ Fails To Make As Big An Impact As Zayn Malik Due To Spotify Error

Harry Styles has been planning to take over the Spotify charts with his new song, “Sign of the Times,” but that plan might not work as well as it did for his former One Direction band member Zayn Malik following a Spotify error.

Harry’s “Sign of the Times” was his chance to take a crack at the chance and possibly beat Ed Sheeran, who has been topping the charts with his latest releases such as “Shape of You.” Unfortunately, there was an unexpected Spotify error that may have robbed Styles of the vital opportunity of topping the Spotify UK charts.

“A technical glitch on Friday prevented Spotify users from being able to search for Harry Styles’ new song,” Spotify reported to Newsround.

“Sign of the Times” removed from Spotify.

Harry was inconvenienced when “Sign of the Times” was pulled down from Spotify on 7 April, just a few hours after its worldwide debut. This, unfortunately, meant that the singer lost thousands of streams, which would have possibly catapulted his new single to the top. The song was back on the streaming service on the evening of the same day, but it was clear that the streamer’s error had already caused some damage.

“This is a nightmare start for Harry’s solo career and his record label won’t be happy,” a source stated.

Harry’s attempt to pull a Zayn Malik did not go as expected.

Harry Styles New Song ‘Sign Of The Times’ Fails To Make As Big An Impact
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Styles’ new single was his attempt towards a solo career just like former One Direction member Zayn Malik, whose solo career had a great start. He even managed to top the charts with his hit track “Pillow Talk,” which did very well and proved his solo efforts were paying off. Harry was trying to do the same with “Sign of the Times,” but he faced an unexpected hurdle.

Though the attempt did not bear the expected fruit, his fans are still confident that he has what it takes to achieve the same level of success as Malik did in his solo career. There is no doubt to this because the new song was off to a great start despite the minor setback. According to reports, “Signs of the Times” sold 23,816 copies while “Shape of You” sold 6,969 copies. The latter has been topping the charts for the past 13 weeks, but it is clear that Styles almost dethroned Sheeran from the top spot.

“Shape of You” had been played 549,052 times on Spotify as of April 9, while Harry’s new singer garnered 301,925 plays. This means that Styles is really pushing for that top position. The number of plays that he missed due to the Spotify error would have narrowed the gap between his new track and that of Sheeran. This also means that Styles would have been closer towards securing the top position on the Spotify UK chart.

Fortunately for Harry, the battle is not yet over. The new charts will be announced on April 14, meaning the number of views accumulated over the past few days could possibly allow him to jump to the top of the charts. The former 1D star’s decision to pursue a solo career attracted a lot of interest towards him as fans were eager to see what he has to offer. It also provided a chance for fans to see how they would perform in their solo careers.

So far, Zayn has been a huge success, and it was only a matter of time until another member of the band decided to follow in his footsteps. Harry’s solo pursuit is one of the biggest moves in the music industry and thus, the huge amount of pressure for “Signs of the Times” to top the charts.

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