Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Under Fire Over Upsetting Photo Of Youngest Duggar Daughters

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have been criticized a lot in the past for putting their daughters in danger, and now it looks like they have managed to upset the internet again. Critics are taking aim at the Duggar clan over some pictures of the younger Duggar daughters playing on their bikes in the sun. The latest controversial Duggar photo was posted to the Duggar Family Official Facebook page today.

The reason so many took issue with the latest Duggar photo to be shared stems from safety concerns over some of the youngest Duggar daughters. Jim Bob and Michelle are getting criticized pretty harshly because many who have checked out the picture of the Duggar daughters on bikes want to know why none of those kids are wearing a helmet.

While it may have been a beautiful day for a bike ride, indeed, many who commented on the photo couldn’t believe that Jim Bob and Michelle weren’t doing more to keep their daughters safe. After all, head injuries from falling off bikes aren’t uncommon, and they are totally preventable.

Naturally, a full on discussion about bike safety has been happening in the comments section of the Duggar Family Official Facebook page as well as all over the internet. Some diehard Duggar fans took up for Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, saying that it wasn’t that big of a deal since the kids were all biking on a dirt path and not sharing the road with cars. Others were quick to point out that there are plenty of dangers on a dirt path as well. Not to mention that bike safety is important to teach the kids no matter where they are riding.

“How do you ride a bike in a dress? Seriously curious…” wrote one commenter while another said, “Looks great! Looks like they forgot their helmets though.”

“Kind of hard to crack your head open on a dirt driveway… generations and generations of people rode bikes without helmets as kids and survived. There is such a thing as overkill,” another commenter wrote.

The ultimate Duggar criticism came in this comment, which was actually a reply to another call for bike helmets. The supposed Duggar fan wrote:

“JimBob and Michelle do a poor job of protecting their children, and their grown children are doing the same thing. I guess they subscribe to the school of “Who Cares”. They let Josh molest his sisters for a year and a half. Jill lets Izzy chew on a fan in Central America. Josie picks her nose and shoves her dirty feet in the dough before they bake. The girls with their long Gothardite hair never wear hair nets while cooking. Jill gets pregnant in an area with the Zika virus. Etc.”

So great having all of our older daughters together while Jill is temporarily back in Arkansas! ????

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Other commenters pointed out a few other issues aside from the lack of bike helmets. Some of the Duggar daughters can be seen standing beside their bikes in the picture, and they clearly are not prepared for a bike ride. Some of the girls are wearing dresses and flip flops, both of which can be huge hazards while riding a bike. The dresses can get tangled up in the spokes, the chain or even just wrapped awkwardly around the riders’ legs, causing them to crash the bike. Likewise, flip-flops provide no protection for their feet so if they do end up falling off the bike, the rider risks damaging their feet in a fall.

Do you think that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar should have been more careful about bike safety when taking their kids out for a ride? Sound off about this latest Duggar drama in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]