‘Girls’ Series Finale: Were The ‘Girls’ Ever Really Friends To Begin With?

Depending on whether you were a fan of the show, the news about the Girls series finale will either thrill you to pieces (if you hated it) or make you break down in tears (if you loved it). Part of the reason so many people didn’t give Girls a chance is because Lena Dunham is one of those celebrities that everyone loves to hate — sometimes for good reason, and sometimes not. So, now that the penultimate episode of the show aired last night, what can we expect from the final episode of the show, ever?

The A.V. Club gives us a clue about what we can expect in the Girls series finale. The episode, called “Goodbye Tour,” suggests that the “girls” as we know them may have pretended to be the best of friends, but in actuality, they weren’t. Shosh, as it turns out, was the smart one all along — even though she was originally portrayed as flighty — and Hannah’s pregnancy is nothing if not surprising, especially considering that she decided both to keep the child (even in what seems like awful circumstances) and is considering taking the teaching job at the liberal arts college upstate, thus leaving the city behind forever.

But the question that remains, according to Uproxx, is whether the Girls series finale will show that the girls were never really friends to begin with.

If a friendship can fall apart thanks to a pregnancy and an engagement, after all, how true of a friendship was it to begin with?

“This makes sense if you step back from the poster images and think about who these women are, how they met, and how they feel about one another. Hannah became friends with Marnie and Jessa in college, but the other two have always hated each other, and Hannah has had extended rifts with both of them. Shosh is Jessa’s cousin, but Jessa has always treated her awfully, and Shosh is both slightly younger than the other three and has very different interests. In many ways, the question isn’t why we haven’t seen them together more often, but why they stayed even loosely connected for as long as they did.”

But what we saw on the second-to-last episode of the show ever really gives us a clue to what we can expect on the Girls series finale. According to Broadway World, who has an exclusive sneak preview of the finale, we’ll finally be seeing the girls at different levels of their lives.

Shosh, of course, is still engaged, and we’ll be seeing how she grows into that role. Jessa is still going to be with Adam, but at the end of the day, it’s probably better for all involved because Jessa and Adam work better together than Adam and Hannah. When Adam and Hannah fought, it was because they misunderstood each other, but when Jessa and Adam fight, it’s because they’re passionate for one another.

And finally, we’ll see Hannah becoming something that we never thought would happen: an adult. As she moves into her new house upstate, we see that she made the decisions based, not on her selfish wants and needs, but based on what her child would need in the future: a mother with a stable income, a quiet and secure life.

The Girls series finale airs next Sunday on HBO. Will you be checking out the Girls series finale?

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