April 10, 2017
'SNL' Alec Baldwin Has Not Spoken To Brother Stephen Since Trump Was Made President

After repeated appearances on SNL, Alec Baldwin and his impersonation of Donald Trump started to wear on brother Stephen Baldwin to the point where the two have stopped speaking. Alec Baldwin and brother Billy Baldwin were fierce Hillary Clinton supporters, while Stephen Baldwin supported Donald Trump. According to Stephen Baldwin, on SNL, Alec Baldwin portrayed Donald Trump in a manner that was mean-spirited, and it has caused a major rift in the family.

Even though Donald Trump has spoken with disdain about Alec Baldwin's SNL impression of him, Trump still seems to catch the show each week, says the Inquisitr. The dislike between Alec Baldwin, with brother Billy Baldwin on his side, and Donald Trump, with support from Stephen Baldwin, has even broken down to a Twitter war, which has gotten personal several times. The Baldwin relationship was so fractured that Stephen Baldwin spent Thanksgiving with the Trump family instead of the rest of the Baldwins.

Stephen Baldwin says that Alec Baldwin's mimicry of Donald Trump is "funny in a bad way." Alec Baldwin's appearance as Trump on SNL has been a bone of contention between the two, according to Stephen Baldwin.

"Early on during the campaign, I thought that SNL was getting a little too nasty. Now to be honest with you, I haven't even spoken to my own brother since the election — So happy birthday, Alec! Love you!"

But despite the issues that have been made worse in the Baldwin family, Stephen is still all behind Trump, despite the issues of the last week.

"The Democratic side wanted what they wanted, and they lost. So now what I'm excited about it, how quickly that community is going to come on board to support Donald Trump so he can make America great again."


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Stephen Baldwin says that Alec and brother Billy's beliefs are typical of Hollywood, which is so disconnected from real blue collar, mainstream America. Stephen Baldwin believes that the imitations on SNL are mean and disrespectful.

"And now for me, again SNL efforts are to try to drive up the young people, get them to receive the message, where they're coming from — it's already kind of an issue that's already passed, in my opinion. Now we have to really more than anything focus on trying to support this president."

Though Stephen Baldwin has a big issue with what brother Alec Baldwin is doing by mocking President Trump on SNL, he says the bigger issue is Hollywood and the entertainment industry. Stephen Baldwin admits that he thought that Hollywood might rally around the president after the election, but obviously, that's not happening.

Stephen Baldwin said that when Robert De Niro said that he wants nothing to do with anyone who supports the "mutt" president, he was taken aback.

"If Hillary Clinton won... and some conservative celebrity went out and said the same things that de Niro said. Even De Niro would say in the vice versa that's really not cool."

Baldwin says that the Hollywood message is old, and from yesterday, and it's time that all of those people, including his family, get over the differences and support Donald Trump.

But considering that now brother Alec Baldwin is on SNL, not only playing a bumbling Donald Trump, but also playing Fox correspondent Bill O'Reilly, and the two characters are conversing with each other, or for Baldwin, with himself. Alec Baldwin seems to be doubling down, Trump style on SNL, and going forward with his own, bracing, albeit funny agenda.

Do you think there is a right or wrong between Alec Baldwin and Stephen Baldwin when it comes to the SNL skits?

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