Tyga Will Allegedly Never Reconcile With Kylie Jenner After Rumored ‘KUWTK’ Breakup

Kylie Jenner will never get back with Tyga because the rapper is said to have officially moved on with his life, it has been alleged.

According to Radar Online, it’s only been two weeks since Kylie Jenner and Tyga called it quits, but sources say that the socialite is already missing Tyga and is certainly looking to organize a get-together for the duo to talk it out and get back together.

The outlet reveals that the breakup mainly stemmed from the supposed fact that Kylie Jenner was frustrated by not being proposed to. For well over three months, Kylie has been stressing Tyga about an engagement, the source claims, adding that the 19-year-old had made it clear she wanted to get married in the near future.

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Tyga, on the other hand, didn’t see the rush and certainly didn’t hesitate to tell Kylie Jenner that he just wasn’t ready to make such a commitment just yet, which supposedly prompted the socialite to pull the plug on the romance — but now, she allegedly wants him back, The Hollywood Gossip adds.

Radar Online reveals that Kylie Jenner’s plan has backfired immensely. The TV star was under the impression that by dumping Tyga, he would come around and agree to the idea of finally tying the knot after two years of being together, but that hasn’t happened.

In fact, sources tell the news outlet that Tyga is perfectly fine being away from Kylie Jenner and certainly doesn’t see it in himself to reconcile with her in the near future. From what insiders have gathered, it’s over between Tyga and his ex-girlfriend and that’s mainly because of the supposed fact that Kylie is nagging about marriage plans too much.

“Kylie has been begging Tyga to propose to her for years now and she pulled the plug on this relationship because she was tired of waiting,” the news site quotes their sources saying.

“She has been trying to force Tyga into marrying her and seems to think that Tyga cannot live without her. But she’s wrong because he clearly can and does! It seems like she annoys him more than anything lately because she is not the same girl that he fell for. Lately it’s always just seemed like the ‘Kylie Show’ guest starring Tyga and it looks like he couldn’t take that anymore!”

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Kylie Jenner has been teasing fans on Snapchat, insinuating that she’s not completely over Tyga just yet, having posted videos of herself singing to the rapper’s music.

It’s further claimed that Kylie will attempt to make things right with Tyga, especially when considering the fact that the “Faded” hitmaker was known to have been Jenner’s first real boyfriend. She doesn’t want to let a good relationship die out over arguments concerning an engagement.

Last year, when it was first alleged that Kylie Jenner wanted to get married, her family reportedly urged her to back away from the thought of tying the knot at such an early age, stressing that with her business growing at a rapid rate, the last thing Kylie Jenner needed was to tie herself into a marriage with Tyga.

While the likes of Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian were said to have been very much against the idea of Kylie’s engagement plans, that hasn’t stopped the reality star from doing what she wants to do with her life, allegedly telling her siblings that if Tyga proposes, she’ll marry him regardless of their thoughts about it.

So, what do you think? Will Kylie Jenner and Tyga be reconciling in the near future, or is it over for the duo?

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