WWE Rumors: The Undertaker Still Has Odds To Win A Big Match In 2018, Will He Return To WWE Ring?

Could The Undertaker still compete again following what looked like his official retirement at WrestleMania 33? That’s been the speculation by a good number of fans following what they witnessed in his main event match a week ago versus Roman Reigns. Despite laying down his gloves, jacket, and trademark hat in the center of the ring, there are those who want to believe that this career has yet to officially end. Surprisingly, there are also odds floating around for Undertaker to win a major match next year.

Last Sunday came one of the most emotional moments in the history of professional wrestling as fans watched what appeared to be The Undertaker’s retirement. The scene came at WrestleMania 33 following a loss to Roman Reigns. The match had its good points but also low points including some botched spots. It was clear during the bout that the man who once ruled the ring was probably past his prime. After his second-ever defeat at Mania, it looked like Taker was riding off into the sunset, or darkness.

WWE The Undertaker officially retired at Mania or not

However, there are still those rumors that he isn’t done. In a recent report here at the Inquisitr, it was indicated that The Undertaker may compete at Survivor Series 2017. That pay-per-view usually takes place around November and sometimes features those traditional elimination matches with two teams going against one another. This seems to be pure speculation by fans and those who may not want to let go of Taker’s final wrestling match. His three-decade long career certainly has fans holding on.

However, there are not only WWE rumors of him showing up later this year, but novelty betting odds at Paddy Power featuring Undertaker. There are a good number of superstars and celebrities listed out for potential Royal Rumble 2018 winners. The Undertaker actually has odds to win the match at 20 to 1, which is actually tied with current stars Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, Chris Jericho, The Miz, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Matt Hardy. Taker has better odds at the moment than Sheamus, Rusev, Cesaro, his brother Kane, and former WWE star CM Punk.

It’s interesting to see that the Irish sports book is continuing to list The Undertaker among all the other stars on their betting odds. It’s not a stretch for him to be in this sort of match based on its format. As seen in this past year’s Rumble, Reigns was the guy to eliminate Taker. That set up their confrontation at Mania where Reigns supposedly proved that the ring was “his yard” now. It’s believed that Undertaker passed the torch on to the newer star that WWE is trying its hardest to build up in popularity. Ironically, Reigns holds the top odds to win the Royal Rumble match next year at two to one, which could further infuriate fans heading towards the future of WWE.

Roman Reigns defeated The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33

On a recent Stone Cold Steve Austin podcast, he spoke with pro wrestling journalist Wade Keller about the big Mania match. Austin suggested that it’s possible when Taker put all his gear down in the center of the ring it was symbolic that he was officially done “playing the part” of Undertaker. Instead, Stone Cold believes that maybe he will go by his official name, Mark Calaway, when doing any future appearances whether WWE-related or otherwise. This would seem to indicate that one of his longtime friends and colleagues believes “The Deadman” is done with in-ring competition.

That said, there has been no official statement or announcement made by Taker on WWE television programming after his WrestleMania loss. Roman Reigns showed up the next night on Raw following a lot of “Thank You Taker” chants and then boos along with chants against him. Still, one has to think that there might be some sort of appearance by Undertaker to give a few words to the fans. If not, it could leave the door open for a future surprise appearance to give fans the chills when the bells sound and the lights go out.

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