April 10, 2017
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Anna And Valentin Gets Closer, Jake's Paternity In Question

General Hospital spoilers have been teasing a lot of resurrections leading up to the May sweeps. Aside from having some characters back on the soap, it appears that PC couples are going to experience some change of heart. It's no secret that a lot of couples are under stress due to the recent happenings in General Hospital.

Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) are planning to call their marriage quits, and then there's Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) and Nina who are always on the edge thanks to Anna Devane (Fiona Hughes). Aside from the couples breaking up, Franco (Roger Howarth) will learn something which will push him to be back in Jake's (Hudson West) life even if Jason disapproves.

Couple Trouble

General Hospital rumors for Carly and Sonny have been swirling on the fate of the Corinthos couple. It has been a vicious cycle of one betrayal after another between the two, and it is not surprising why their marriage might end up over soon. Nelle Hayes (Chloe Lanier) is to blame for the current mess, but it seems like it's not just about what she did. In moments of weakness, Carly has been tempted to lean on her former husband Jax for support.

Sonny will hear out Nelle's confession that he was drugged, which is why he had no recollection of what they did. General Hospital spoilers suggest he is going to rush to Carly is in an effort to save their marriage. His timing for delivering the happy news is a bad one, and spoilers tease he will see Carly and Jax together. Seeing the two make out would enrage Sonny, and he might try to cause trouble between the two.

General Hospital spoilers also hint that Sonny is going to plot his revenge against Jax. This could cause more trouble between him and his wife.

Second Chances

Carly and Jax might give it another chance based on the latest spoilers, but they might not be the only ones to give it another chance. Valentin and Anna might be drawn closer together now that some secrets are out in the open. In the previous episodes of General Hospital, Valentin was firm on keeping his family intact while warning Anna to stay away. Anna is just too stubborn, and she will continue to dig around to learn Valentin's secrets.

Valentin has always been softhearted where Anna is concerned, and General Hospital spoilers hint Anna's move to beg for his forgiveness could thaw his heart. Valentin's marriage is already shaky, and spoilers for the upcoming week suggest that Nina might result in the separation between the couple.

Jake's Paternity

Jake's recollection of his time on Cassadine Island has always been a touchy topic. The child needs help to cope with the trauma of being on the Greek island, and Franco has been very helpful in that department.

Jason wants Franco out of his son's life, and Liz asked Franco to back down. When Jake seeks him out in his art studio to share something, Franco will not heed Jason's wishes. Based on these spoilers, there are speculations that Jason's paternity will come into question.

Paternity tests have always been questionable on General Hospital, and Jake might confide to Franco that he knows Jason is not his father. There are speculations that Jake is actually Lucky Spencer's (Jonathan Jackson) son and not Jason's. Given the tension between Liz, Jason, and Franco, Jake's revelation might change everything. General Hospital spoilers reveal that there is something major involving Jake.

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