Mystery Photo Irks Duggar Family Fans -- Why Did They Share It?

The Duggars are known for sharing their lives with fans but they did the unanticipated last week — posted an image of their sons laying concrete without revealing details, leaving fans to see red.

On April 8, the family posted an image to the Duggar Family Official Facebook page showing a concrete slab. No accompanying details including the purpose of the slab or where it was laid was provided. Keen to know more, Duggar fans wondered at the unusual act of leaving them guessing when the family is usually more than willing to let its followers know everything they build.

The absence of information clearly left regular followers of Duggar family frustrated and they showed it in the comments section of the post.

"I hate when things like that is posted, and not a clue as to what it is about, or who it is about, and no answer, no many times asked. It is like they only want to post, but not care what comments are posted."
A few tried in vain to refer to the family's previous post where young Duggar boys are seen making concrete mix and laying it, as a source of explanation.

That image too was short on details as it failed to address the curiosity of some Duggar fans, who argued that the family ought to have said more. Soon, a war of words ensued with some arguing for the family's right to privacy while others asking why the Duggar clan cannot reveal more when they already posted an image.

"If they are building something, and want everyone to start posting about what they are doing, then what is so secret that they can't say, we are pouring a foundation for a building?" reads one comment on the post arguing for more information.

In response to similar such comments, other fans shot back saying the Duggar family does not owe an explanation.

"The Duggars do not have to share their whereabouts, or why they are doing something. It is enough that they shared, the pouring of the concrete slab, which is an educational thing for their boys to be doing/learning. They don't owe us any information other than that which they choose to share. And they have every right to share or not share, as much as they want. If you don't like what they share, don't read it anymore. Just move along."
A lack of answers also led some to question the image of Duggar boys working. " If it's none of out business, then why did they post it for the world to see? Sorry, but the contractors did most of the work. Just like the fake story about the not in a tree house," wrote one fan.

The argument, however, did not stop speculation over what the Duggar family was up to.

"Could this be a unicycle stunt practice location for the children? One appears to be hovering by the door near the top right of the picture in an apparent action shot. It also looks like there's a ramp which is probably the entrance to some sort of obstacle course they all use to keep in shape. The original building probably keeps the bikes and other gear out of the rain. Another possibility is the concrete pad is for helicopter take offs. I wouldn't be surprised if John David has his hands in that sort of thing since he's already a pilot. Because it's a slab it can't be the future location of a wine or storm cellar as some have suggested."
Its constant engagement with fans notwithstanding, the Duggar family has been in the news for wrong reasons during last two years. Its highly popular show 19 Kids & Counting was canceled after the Josh Duggar molestation scandal, but later signed up TLC's Counting On.

[Featured Image by Ted Richardson/AP Images]