‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny’s Sadness Turns to Rage At Jax And Nelle [Video]

General Hospital spoilers for next week say Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) gets a big shock on Monday, April 10 thanks to a major confession from Nelle Hayes (Chloe Lanier). Doesn't it seem like Nelle finally telling the truth that she didn't sleep with Sonny should relieve him? For a moment it does, according to General Hospital spoilers, but then Sonny goes off the deep end.

Sonny Stunned By The Truth

A new General Hospital spoilers video for Monday's episode (see below!) shows Nelle telling Sonny the reason he doesn't remember sleeping with her is because she drugged him. A stunned Sonny repeats back to her, "You drugged me? You drugged me?" But that's not all. Sonny also goes in at Nelle for letting him think Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) was sleeping with Jasper Jax (Ingo Rademacher).

Nelle fights back on that statement, according to General Hospital spoilers from the video, and reminds the mob boss she only told him she saw Carly and Jax kissing, which is the truth. But Nelle reminds Sonny that he's the one that assumed the worst and all she did was let him think the sex was a done deal. Admittedly, that's shady, but Sonny does to tend to assume the worst about everything.

Nelle Tells The Truth And Nothing But The Truth

Nelle doesn't mince words, say the latest General Hospital spoilers from the ABC promo, and describes exactly how she scammed Sonny. Nelle tells Sonny she ground up a sleeping pill and put it in his drink, then undressed him, herself, slid into bed with Sonny and, in the morning, allowed him to again assume the worst. From there, it was easy to fool Sonny into lying and conspiring with Nelle.

A shocked Sonny tells Nelle on Monday, "I underestimated you 'cause I thought you were just taking advantage of a situation, making something bad worse. But you went beyond that. You made me feel guilty for something I didn't do." General Hospital spoilers say Sonny is shocked that a girl just out of her teen years totally toppled his life. Michael is also outraged at Nelle's reveal.

Sonny Makes A Threat Then Falls Into Sadness

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, April 10 promise Sonny angrily says to Nelle, "You tore my family, my wife, everything apart over a lie. No. There's something wrong with you. How do you think I'm gonna react?" Those that know Sonny and his history of violence on General Hospital know he's capable of almost anything. But for some reason, Nelle isn't scared of Sonny like she should be.

Sonny is reeling according to General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central. Straight off hearing from Nelle about how she hoodwinked him, Sonny goes to share the news with Carly that he didn't betray her by cheating. It's too bad that Sonny finds Carly in a serious clinch with Jax when he shows up to Carly's place. Sonny goes from thrilled to crushed in about two seconds when he sees them wrapped up together.

Sadness Turns To Fury

After seeing Carly and Jax together, Sonny hits rock bottom and then he decides to hit back. The same General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central predict that Sonny is overcome with rage. By the end of this week, Sonny is dealing with emotions he can't handle and many of them are not pleasant for the former mob boss to confront. Sonny is sick of blaming himself, that much is clear - so he'll turn outwards.

Then on Monday, April 17, General Hospital spoilers promise Sonny confronts Jax after his sadness turns to a more violent emotion. Sonny decides Jax has some revenge coming his way and goes after the Australian hunk by the end of the week. GH spoilers say Sonny decides it's time to throw a monkey wrench into Jax's life and indulge in some revenge games against his long-time nemesis.

Sonny may have lost Carly but he won't let Jax run off with his wife without paying dearly, according to the latest General Hospital spoilers.

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