WWE News: Nikki Bella Returning To WWE With A Surprise

Despite reports of retirement, WWE star Nikki Bella just made it clear that she’s in it for the long run in WWE. As Nikki points out, she doesn’t “ever want to retire” from her career sine she wants to be back in the ring. Nikki has to take a hiatus to help her neck injury heal, but she will definitely be back – and it might be with a surprise.

Just a few days before WrestleMania 33, news broke out that several WWE stars will retire after the biggest pay-per-view event of the wrestling world. Of the five names written on the list, two of the biggest names in WWE already said their goodbyes. The Undertaker bowed out of the ring in a rather dramatic scene after losing to Roman Reigns. Goldberg was more subtle with his so-called retirement speech on Monday Night RAW, right after WrestleMania. Days later after her shocking engagement to John Cena, Nikki Bella is nowhere to be seen from last week’s SmackDown. So fans were wondering: is Fearless Nikki retiring from WWE?

Pregnant Brie and sister Nikki Bella

Early this week, a few days after her engagement to John Cena, WWE star Nikki Bella spoke to 1010 WINS via CBS New York to confirm that retirement is not in her plans anytime soon.

“WWE is my home. I’m a lifer. I don’t ever want to retire.”

The newly-engaged WWE star also added that taking much needed time to help her neck injury heal completely is not something she will refer to as “retirement” since Nikki plans to go back to the ring. The Total Divas star also mentioned something about her twin sister Brie coming back to WWE – a hope that might soon become a reality.

“I hope the day you see me back in the ring is with my twin sister [Brie].”

Nikki took to Twitter on Tuesday to tell her fans that her current absence from WWE and SmackDown is not about her saying goodbye. Her caption about activating “BRIE MODE” also strengthened the belief that she will be coming back in the ring with her twin sister in tow.

The Total Divas star also posted another tweet where she poured her heart out about wearing back her WWE uniform and coming home as Fearless Nikki once again.

As it is, Brie Bella is due to give birth by April 30 and she also expressed her desire in an earlier exclusive with Hollywood Life to come back to the ring after having her little girl.

“I would love to make a comeback. I mean, obviously being a mother will come first — I would never go full time back on the road — but I would love to come back for matches.”

Last January 2016, Nikki Bella had to undergo neck surgery that forced her to take a 10-month hiatus from SmackDown Live before she was allowed to wrestle again. All looked good until her last fight with fiancé John Cena against another WWE couple, The Miz and his wife Maryse.

According to the 33-year-old WWE star, a slight herniation or abnormal tissue protrusion above where she had her neck surgery is the reason why she had to take time off this time. As One India reported, Nikki’s neck injury is much more serious than before. Bella prays that it won’t take too long for her to get back in the ring, but she’s leaving everything “in God’s hands.” Nikki Bella’s later comments also hinted that she might be coming back with her twin sister Brie Bella who is currently pregnant with her first child with SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan.

With Brie’s upcoming birth and Nikki’s waiting to get the clearance to wrestle again especially with her hands going numb, seeing the Bella twins back on the ring might take some time. For now, Nikki is busy preparing for her wedding as she spilled the beans on wanting Brie to become her maid of honor, which is not a surprise at all. Nikki Bella also said that she wants a wedding gown that will show off her curves and give a hint of her cleavage.

So what do you think of Nikki Bella’s return to WWE? Is her “Brie mode” caption telling? Tell us what you think!

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