‘Fairy Tail’ Manga Chapter 530 Spoilers: Ravines Of Time Key To Defeating Acnologia And Zeref’s Victory?

Chapter 530 of the immensely popular Japanese manga Fairy Tail finally reveals critical details not just about Acnologia, but also about Zeref and his eternal quest for self-destruction. Interestingly, the key to the Dark Dragon’s defeat and Zeref’s salvation lies in the “Ravines of Time,” where true emptiness reigns and time ceases to have all meaning.

[Warning: Manga Fairy Tail Chapter 530 spoilers/recap and Chapter 531 speculations head]

Chapter 529 revealed a very powerful airborne ship called the Pegasus that was built specially for the dragon slayers. Although the flying vessel was meant to offer a winning edge against the mighty fire breathing beasts, and is fitted with a lot of ammunition as well as magical spells, the ship has little effect on the Dark Dragon, Acnologia.

In the previous chapter, Acnologia showed what a powerful dragon he was by simply devouring all the magic that was hurled at him. Hence the crew of the flying ship decided the best course of action was to pilot the vessel at high speed, and let Acnologia chase them to a location that was supposed to help the Fairy Tail Guild members win. The chapter had also revealed details about time travel, and how Lucy’s ancestor, Ms. Anna, used the technology developed by Zeref, to jump 400 years into the future.

In the current chapter of Fairy Tail, Ms. Anna explains the concept of time travel, and the discovery of “Ravines of Time.” The chapter begins with five streaks of intense light that illuminate the night sky. While many claim they are shooting stars, the fact that these streaks of light rise from the Earth’s surface indicate something else.

Ms. Anna had explained the concept of the Gate of Eclipse in the previous chapter and how it was needed to be accessed from both the ends for time travel to be possible. In the current chapter, Layla Heartfilia is seen opening the gate from the future, while Anna Heartfilia, her great ancestor, is seen walking through. The year, X777, is essentially 400 years into the future. Immediately upon walking through the gate, Anna asks Layla about five children. In the previous chapter, Anna had revealed how she tried her best to unite the five founding members of the Fairy Tail Guild. These members included Natsu, Wendy, Lucy, among others. Strangely, right after the gate opens, five lights go flying outside. It is not clear where the five lights or the members of the Fairy Tail Guild went, but the fact upsets Anna.

Anna thanks Layla, who happens to be Lucy’s mother, for opening the Gate of Eclipse to let her through. Anna reveals that she chose this particular time in the future because she felt that magic flowed abundantly in this era. Layla, on the other hand, confirms that it was the book that had been passed through the generations which caused her to open the gate when the sun and moon intersected.

Strangely, Anna remains quite secretive about her mission. Layla, on the other hand, reveals that she opened the gate to ensure the duty wasn’t passed onto her daughter, Lucy. Layla claims she wanted Lucy to live free from the burden that had been passed down the generations. Asked what Anna plans to do, she merely reiterates her statement from the previous chapter about all things having a proper order and procedure. She adds that her priority is to find the five children.

The scene shifts back to the Pegasus, where Anna reveals that Layla died before the Fairy Tail Guild united. After a brief moment of silence, Anna continues with her explanation about time travel. She reveals that the magic that flowed abundantly was in fact “abnormal magic,” which was “devoid of any kind of element.” In other words, the magic was “neither darkness nor light.” In essence, the magic that Ms. Anna felt could be described as “Magic of Nothingness,” which had no place in this age. Ms. Anna chose to name the abnormal magic as “The Ravines of Time.”

Explaining the Ravines of Time, Ms. Anna reasoned it may have formed because of time travel itself. Having crossed 400 years may have slightly distorted time, and in an effort to correct itself, time created a new power. In essence, the Ravines of Time is a spatial anomaly which is true nothingness and where nothing can exist.

As expected, Jellal expresses his disbelief and asks why the Ravines of Time were not discovered for over 400 years? Anna calmly notes that the existence of the anomaly remained a secret because she had carefully hidden it. She adds that the Ravines of Time are only as big as a orange, and anyone or anything touching it, gets sucked in and stays there forever. Essentially, the Pegasus crew intends to hide behind the Ravines of Time and let Acnologia touch it.

The scene shifts to Magnolia, where Lucy, Gray and Happy are still thinking about the “Book of E.N.D” which holds critical information about Natsu’s survival. Lucy requests Gray to never destroy the book. On the other hand, Happy asks that the book be opened, and its contents read. Happy wants to read the book because Mavis had informed them that the book and the power of Natsu’s friends would be the only two things that would save him.

Meanwhile in the Fairy Tail Headquarters, Natsu and Zeref are engaged in what could be considered as one of the biggest battles that the series has witnessed. Since both the opponents are equally strong, neither of them appears to relent. However, it is apparent that Zeref sincerely expected Natsu to kill him, and free him from the curse of immortality.

Chapter 530 of Fairy Tail finally revealed Zeref’s endgame. It appears he intends to reverse time using Mavis’s power and a powerful spell, called “Neo Eclipse,” to turn back the clocks. By traveling well into the past, and essentially resetting time, Zeref would get to live his life all over again. Interestingly, Zeref merely wants to go before the time he became immortal. As an incentive, Zeref notes that Natsu would get to be a normal human being, and the duo could kill Acnologia together. As expected, Natsu is worried about his Guild members. Interestingly, Zeref needs two components for the Neo Eclipse spell to work. While Mavis’s magic is one, he also needs the Ravines of Time.

Chapter 531 of Fairy Tail manga, titled “Pegasus Vs. Black Dragon” is expected to be released in the coming week. Based on the title, it is clear that the upcoming chapter of the series will focus on the cat-and-mouse game between the flying ship and Acnologia. Since no magic works on the dragon, and firing ammunition at the Dark Dragon is futile, an aerial dogfight is the only recourse until they reach the Ravines of Time.

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