‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Couple Carly Waddell And Evan Bass Give Update: Is Their Wedding Coming Soon?

There has been tons of turmoil in Bachelor nation over the past week, but one thing remains steady and strong, Carly Waddell and Evan Bass. Amid break-ups, arguments, and heartache, Carly and Evan are still in love and planning their future together. Waddell and Bass met last summer on a Mexico beach while filming Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. While their journey got off to a rocky start, Carly and Evan are now fan favorites and proving they have what it takes to make their relationship work.

Carly and Evan have not even been together an entire year yet, but they fit perfectly together, and fans can’t wait to see Waddell and Bass walk down the aisle. Earlier this year Carly and Evan shared with Entertainment Tonight that they are definitely planning on getting married in 2017. Waddell and Bass have already been spending tons of time together in Nashville and Carly has been bonding with Evan’s three children. Following the Bachelor in Paradise finale, Carly was extremely anxious to follow Evan’s children on social media and share their relationship with the world.

In January, Carly and a few of her close friends headed out to California to begin looking for the perfect location for her wedding. It was no secret they were looking at various places in Napa and Sonoma. Carly posted many Instagram updates to share with eager fans. In one post, Waddell shared a picture and captioned it, “Wine wine all the time. It is sublime. I love wine. #napavalley#evanlyweddinghunt #allaboutthatbass.”

One of Carly’s best friends, Jade Roper, met her husband, Tanner Tolbert, on season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise. Ironically, just one year later, Carly took a chance one more time and made her second trip to Paradise where she met Evan. Jade and Tanner were the first couple from Paradise to actually marry, and it is looking like Carly and Evan will be the second.

E!News caught up with Carly and Evan recently to get the scoop on any new wedding details and see how they are doing. Carly said, “I think that relationship wise, we’re definitely more in love than we ever were before. I think we fall more for each other every day which is fun. It was always good, [but] it’s just that as we got to know each other better and better. We fell for each other even harder. We’ve never had a bad spell. It’s always been consistently good.”

Evan chimed in his thoughts as well and said, “All couples go through things, especially coming off of an intense period like Paradise or Bachelor or something, but we’ve worked through all of our stuff so well. I feel like it’s been positive and fun. We’ve kept things fun. I think also just having [my sons] around keeps things fun.” Bass added that one of the keys for him and Carly making their relationship work is communication. Evan says they talk and work through all their issues.

With everything going so well do Carly and Evan have an actual wedding date pinned down? Carly says, “We are so close to setting a wedding date. I think we’re going to have a wedding date in like two weeks. We’re very close to having that nailed down. It’s going to be this year.” Whether or not the big day will be televised is still a secret. Carly smiled when asked and said that everything was a possibility and Evan added that they would be letting the world know in a week or two.

While Carly has been staying at Evan’s house some, Waddell says she will not make the official full-time move into his house until after their wedding. Waddell and Bass are also already talking more children. Carly says within five years the couple hopes to have two more kids to add their family.

Fans can’t wait to see Carly and Evan get married and follow Jade and Tanner’s lead and have babies of their own. Best friend Jade is pregnant and due this summer. Carly has said Jade will definitely be one of her bridesmaids. Do you think this means the wedding will be after Jade has her baby perhaps in the fall or winter? Stay tuned for more updates on Carly and Evan as details become available. The new season of Bachelor in Paradise will film this summer and air after the season finale of The Bachelorette in August.

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