‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Star Sheree Whitfield’s Chateau Sheree Money Pit Troubles Continue

Sheree Whitfield’s money problems keep getting worse. In the midst of trying to pay contractors for work on her expansive mansion, dubbed Chateau Sheree, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star is now suing her insurance company for close to $300,000.

According to Radar Online, the lawsuit is Whitfield’s desperate attempt to pay off her massive debts. The reality star claims that the insurance company did not properly appraise damages on her mansion. In the court documents, Whitfield says that contractors stopped working on the home before it was complete. A bad storm in January of 2014 flooded the 2nd level of the home, causing damage to the entire structure.

Whitfield hired an appraiser to value the damages. That appraiser was unable to reach an agreement with the insurance company’s appraiser, which left Whitfield wanting more money for the damages.

“The Umpire wrongfully became involved throughout the appraisal process instead of dealing with only ‘differences’ as required by the policy,” the documents read. “These acts resulted in an unfair conclusion to the appraisal as to the amount of the loss.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is now seeking $279,940 in the suit. For their part, the insurance company claims they hired an impartial mediator to settle the appraisal value. They also say that they’ve paid Whitfield $359,156 for the damages and want the case thrown out.

Whitfield’s newest lawsuit comes after her former contractors sued her for back pay. Master Craft Stucco, Inc is suing the reality star for over $25,000 in unpaid wages. They are also seeking close to $2,000 in interest and legal fees.

Whitfield failed to respond to the suit in court, and Judge Tom Campbell ruled for the contractors. The company, Heritage Landscape, is also suing Whitfield for $10,000 worth of work they performed on the mansion.

“Mrs. Whitfield contracted the landscaping services of Heritage Landscape to help in the completion of her home,” the court case read. “Mrs. Whitfield has pad some (less than half of her bill), although she was happy with the work.”

The company says that Whitfield did not have any money to pay them when the job was finished. They also claim that Whitfield said they performed “poor work quality” on the mansion and stopped payments altogether.

To add to the growing list of lawsuits, Stoploss Specialists, Inc. sued Whitfield for $23,000 because she failed to pay their invoice. The case was started in December of 2015.

As if Whitfield’s money woes couldn’t get any worse, Starcasm reports that her Chateau Sheree was just slapped with $350,000 in federal tax liens. Whitfield hasn’t commented on the money problems — which she also doesn’t talk about on the show — so it’s unclear if her latest lawsuit is an attempt to get money to pay off the liens.

Part of the issue stems from Whitfield not being the real owner of the mansion. In fact, it sounds like Kenya Moore’s claims are correct in that the home is actually owned by Whitfield’s mother, Thelma.

According to Reality Tea, this is one reason why the contractors have such a hard time getting Whitfield to pay them for working on the house. To help remedy the situation, the contracting companies are planning on putting up a united front and forcing Whitfield to sell the mansion to pay off her enormous debt.

With the tax liens originating from back in 2009, it might be a long time before anyone gets paid, if they get paid at all. In fact, the companies tried to garnish Whitfield’s wages but were unable to find adequate accounts because of the how the ownership of the home is set up.

Catch Sheree Whitfield’s party to welcome her friends to Chateau Sheree when the Season 9 finale airs Sunday night on Bravo.

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