Former WWE Writer Calls Most Wrestling Fans And Reporters ‘Homosexuals’

If are a diehard fan of professional wrestling or someone who reports on it, a former prominent creative writer for WWE, WCW, and TNA says your sexuality may be a problem.

On the latest episode of his podcast The Brand, Vince Russo made critical comments about wrestling’s diehard fans, commonly referred to as “marks” by those in the industry. He went on to criticize well-known reporters of the industry, including the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin, Pro Wrestling Insider’s Mike Johnson, and Pro Wrestling Torch’s Wade Keller.

Russo urged people to look up photos of the aforementioned men and said they “look like losers.” However, things took a more discriminatory turn when the attention turned to some fans’ approach of cheering for their favorite wrestlers. A particular target of Russo’s rant was the NXT audience, which is known to be raucous and expressive in its support of WWE’s new wave of talent.

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“So I have come to the conclusion if you are part of the NXT crowd, the people who were in Orlando, the ‘This is Awesome’ crowd, you fall in three categories. It’s this simple, bro. You’re either A) homosexual. Okay, you like men. For you to react this way, you have to like men. B) You’re either no homosexual but have homosexual tendencies. Or C) You’re in the closet. It’s that simple bro, because men do not react to other men that way. It’s not a normal function,” he said (h/t Pro Wrestling Scoops).

“Bro, I had someone tweet me after I made a tweet that Finn Balor has to hit the gym. Bro, I literally had a guy send me a picture of Finn Balor with his shirt off. Bro, you are probably a homosexual. If you are searching the internet for pictures of Finn Balor without his shirt on, and taking his time to send it to me, you fall in one of these categories.”

Russo did add a disclaimer that he does not have an issue with people from the LGBTQ community, specifically referring to gay men and lesbian women. The former Attitude Era scribe brought up his personal experience working with homosexual people in the industry as the basis for not having an issue with them.

“Bro, whatever floats your boat. Who cares. It’s not up to me to judge you. I’ve worked with gay wrestlers, I could care less. With that being said, I’m looking at these kind of individuals and I’m looking at reactions to other men. That’s what we’re talking about here,” Russo said.

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A known fanatic of sports, Russo compared wrestling fans’ love for the performers to baseball; he says that if you get excited by what another man does either swinging his wooden bat or taking bumps on a ring with thin padding over plywood. In addition to Balor — who Russo previously claimed he could beat up in a fight — he mentioned other former NXT names.

“The way they react to Kevin Owens, the way they react to Sami Zayn, the way they react to Samoa Joe and Finn Balor. Their reactions to other men. I just watched the Giants game, I’m not whacking myself off when Buster Posey comes to the plate. I’m not taking it out and playing with it. And I love Buster Posey, but I love in the sense that he’s on my team and I want them to win,” Russo said.

All told, Russo says it’s not normal for fans to react the way they do.

“But I don’t start chanting ‘This is Awesome’ when he steps up to the plate,” Russo added in reference to the San Francisco Giants catcher. “It’s not a normal reaction for men to react to other men in that way. It’s not a normal reaction.”

Russo supplemented his podcast with a tweet thanking his listeners for the support.

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