‘The Batman’ Is One Of Four Dark Knight Movies Planned For 2019

The Batman is said to be on course for a November 2019 release date, but if a new rumor circulating around the internet is true, it could be only one of four films planned for that year to mark the 80th anniversary of the Caped Crusader.

Take this for what it is, but someone from the notorious 4chan board shared a rather credible-sounding plan to reddit, and some of the more reputable entertainment sites like Bleeding Cool and ScreenRant are proceeding with caution.

According to the post, Gotham City Sirens will be first on the 2019 slate and will drop sometime around Valentine’s Day. It will be followed by Nightwing on Memorial Day weekend and then Batgirl in August.

All of this will build up to the Ben Affleck-starring The Batman, which is said to feature Deathstroke, though not as the main villain.

As many of you who read the comics know, he’s not always a bad guy, so there could be an anti-hero thing going on there.

In addition to the four films, the poster states director Matt Reeves would like to do a Bat family film that features the most widely recognized Batman rogues’ gallery.

More from the leaker.

“In addition, two Batman animated films are also planned for 2019. One will be an adaptation of The Long Halloween. Grant Wilson might be the villain for the Nightwing solo film. He is hired by Roland Desmond to take out all the mob bosses in Blüdhaven. Suicide Squad 2 or Dark Universe will most likely be taking Aquaman‘s previous release date.”

One rumor that is sure to disappoint Mel Gibson fans is the leaker’s insistence that Mel is “no longer the front runner [sic] to direct the Suicide Squad sequel,” instead being overlooked for Jaume Collet-Serra (Orphan) and Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland).

“The script is currently being written with a story pitch given by Ayer. Killer Frost will be the new female lead to replace Harley Quinn,” the leaker states.

As for the Dark Universe (aka Justice League Dark) script, it is supposedly going through final rewrites and is based off an old treatment by Guillermo Del Toro. Filming for the feature that centers on could begin as early as summer.

To close, the leaker notes that four films are being prepped for a 2020 release date, consisting of two lower budget films and two larger budget films per the wishes of Warner Bros. Other footnotes include Jonathan Levine being in talks to direct The Flash (probable for 2020).

Last but not least, Matthew Vaughn “will most likely write the Man of Steel sequel if he takes on the directional duties,” the leaker said.

It is an ambitious schedule, but one that Warner’s box office should allow for given the first few performances of the DC Extended Movie Universe. None of the releases so far — Man of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Suicide Squad — have taken any financial dents yet.

Critical responses, however, have been another story.

By and large, the movie reviewer community has hated these films. The Rotten Tomatoes review aggregator has Man of Steel performing the best with a 55 percent “rotten” rating. From there, BvS: DoJ pulled in a paltry 27 percent while Suicide Squad was most “rotten” of all at 25 percent.

The audience community ratings have been a little better, but still nowhere in it with rival Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. While 75 percent gave MoS the go-ahead, the follow-ups received 63 percent and 62 percent, respectively.

What are your thoughts readers?

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[Featured Image by DC/Warner Bros.]