WWE Rumors: Bayley-Sasha Banks Rivalry Being Canceled? The Boss Heading To ‘SmackDown’

The WWE Universe has been anxiously waiting for Sasha Banks to betray Bayley and reignite a massive feud for the Raw Women’s Championship, but the upcoming “Roster Shakeup” could change everything for The Boss. WWE officials have been featuring and focusing on the friendship between Bayley and Sasha on Raw as a way of building up to their rivalry after Wrestlemania 33, but it’s possible their feud could be canceled.

Over the past several months, WWE officials have been working hard to push Bayley to the top of the WWE ladder and make her the top female babyface in the company. She has dethroned Charlotte, has become the Raw Women’s Champion and walked out of the grandest stage of them all with the championship. Bayley is more than established as the top female on Raw, but it was all to set up Sasha’s big heel turn after Orlando.

The WWE Universe was under the impression that she didn’t turn against Bayley during last week’s edition of Raw because the powers that be want to get closer to WWE Summerslam before pulling the trigger on her heel turn. However, it’s being said that Bayley vs. Sasha Banks may not happen at all for a specific reason.

Sasha Banks vs Bayle May Not Be Happening Anymore
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Next week’s “Roster Shakeup” will be a good thing for WWE programming. It will be especially good for the rosters for both Raw and SmackDown, but it’s going to be a great thing for the women’s division. The feuds are beginning to get a little stale after the grandest stage of them all, so some roster changes will do wonders for both shows. The biggest rumor heading into next week is Charlotte Flair swapping with Alexa Bliss.

However, it’s been reported over the past few days that WWE officials are considering sending Sasha Banks to SmackDown instead of Charlotte. The Boss has been vocal about her desire to be a part of the brand, but the move would immediately cancel any creative plans for Sasha to feud with Bayley over the next couple of months and into WWE Summerslam. Unfortunately, WWE will need to choose between the two ideas.

There is a lot of talent on SmackDown Live that Sasha Banks has yet to work with in the ring. On Raw, she will always be competing with Bayley for the top babyface spot, which is why the heel turn made sense for her. A heel turn is still in the cards for The Boss on SmackDown, but she could also emerge as the babyface that the brand has been trying to establish for several months.

Huge Heel Turn For Sasha Banks Being Planned Heading Into WWE Summerslam
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Sasha Banks is capable of filling either role on SmackDown, but she won’t be able to feud with Bayley if the powers that be decide The Boss needs to be on Tuesday nights instead. Emma finally returned to the ring last week on Raw and it has been reported recently that Eva Marie is no longer with the company. As of this writing, SmackDown has a stronger need for Sasha Banks than Raw does after Emma’s return to the brand.

The original idea was for Charlotte to be swapped for Alexa Bliss, but that same trade may not stick if Sasha Banks is the one being sent to SmackDown. On paper, Banks vs. Bliss is a good feud for the brand. Naomi is the new SmackDown Women’s Champion. She’s going to need new faces and possible heels to work with as the new champion. Not only that, but The Boss would get to work with Mickie James, Natalya, and possibly Nikki Bella eventually. In all honesty, Sasha Banks moving to SmackDown is the stronger move for WWE.

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