‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 531 Spoilers: Will Zeref’s Neo Eclipse Get In The Way Of Anna’s Plans Against Acnologia?

Fans can expect the action to pick up in the coming Fairy Tail 531. Titled “Pegasus Vs Black Dragon,” the next installment of the manga series will feature an aerial battle between the mages led by Anna Heartfilia and Acnologia as they try to maneuver him into a trap. However, the recently released Fairy Tail Chapter 530 dropped hints that Anna’s plan may run into some complications as Zeref has plans of his own regarding the ravines of time.

Chapter 530 revealed how Anna was able to communicate with Layla, her descendant 400 years into the future, to open the gate for her and allowed her to time travel. Anna wrote a book giving instructions and clues when to open the Eclipse Gate, a book that was handed down through generations of Heartfilia matriarchs until it came into Layla’s possession.

The five dragon slayers were first to arrive but they were not recognized as children by Layla as they just looked like five streaks of light to her. They were even seen by a young princess Lucy who thought that they were just five shooting stars. On hindsight, Anna realized that their separation was caused by an “abnormal magic” that she detected and eventually was able to locate – the Ravines of Time.

Ravines Of Time Essential Piece In Anna’s Strategy

It is a place of unfathomable power, a place that sucks anything that it comes into contact into a timeless dimension essentially reducing them to nothingness. It was theorized by Anna that it came into being as a reaction to their creation of the Eclipse Gate. The gate is an unnatural bridge that connects different time periods and, as a reaction to its existence in some form of balancing mechanism, the Ravines of Time came into existence.

It was previously revealed by Ichiya that the plan was to lure Acnologia somewhere outside the town of Magnolia, suggesting that the space-time aberration has a location. In fact, it was revealed by Anna that the Ravines of Time, as she refers to the anomaly, has a size. Apparently, the thing that everyone is hoping that will trap Acnologia is quite small, only about the size of an orange.

In the coming Fairy Tail 531, Anna plans to use the properties of that “abnormal magic.” The fruit-sized Ravines of Time could actually suck anyone or anything it comes into contact with and trap them inside a timeless dimension with no way out, effectively reducing them to nothing. With Acnologia being a very large dragon and traveling at high speed, Ichiya plans to lure the Black Dragon into that spot.

Zeref’s Neo Eclipse

However, it appears that Zeref has some plans of his own regarding the Ravines of Time, plans that could stop Anna if he gets to use the space-time disruption before her. Contrary to previous speculations, the title of Fairy Tail Chapter 530, “Neo Eclipse,” is not a new Eclipse Gate but a spell that Zeref wants to do.

As explained by Zeref, the Neo Eclipse is a very disruptive spell that could potentially return every as they used to be. Using the same Ravines of Time that is at the core of Anna’s plan, Zeref wants to reset time back more than 400 years into the past, back to a time when he was still a mortal man and Natsu is still a normal young boy.

For Zeref, it is the only way to reverse all the bad things that have happened and even help him defeat Acnologia. However, it also means that everyone and everything that happened after the cutoff will be erased from existence. Certainly, it is not a plan Natsu will go along with as it means erasing the entire Fairy Tail guild and, along with it, every member he has come to care about.

Whose plan shall come to pass? Fairy Tail 531 will be released next week. Stay tuned for updates.

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