‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 85 Recap And Highlights: Goku Loses Against Buu, Champa Harrasses Cabba And More

Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 just aired, and it was a pretty satisfying ride overall. With the Kaioshins from the DB Multiverse conspiring against Universe 7, it seemed like the time is short for Goku and the other Z-fighters to gather and prepare for the upcoming Tournament of Power. As the countdown to the multiverse competition continued to trickle down, Goku and his son got busy recruiting potential members for Universe 7’s representative team, but not before giving fans a little treat in the form of a skirmish between Goku and everyone’s favorite pink fighter, Majin Buu.

Do take note, however, that massive spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 lie ahead. Thus, fans of the anime are best advised to proceed with caution.

DBS Episode 85, titled “The Universes Get Into Gear: Each One’s Motive,” featured the grand meeting among the 11 Kaioshins and Gods of Destruction in the DBS multiverse. The Universe 7 Kai and Beerus were not present in the gathering, simply because the agenda of the meeting was to come up with a plan to completely eliminate Universe 7 from the tournament. As the meeting among the gods was happening, however, Goku and his firstborn son were busy recruiting possible members for Universe 7’s representative fighters, according to noted Dragon Ball Super fan-translator Todd Blankenship.

Gohan separated from his father to head over to his previous master, Piccolo. Goku, for his part, was quite sure that the mighty Namek and his trusted ally would immediately agree to participate in the Tournament of Power.

Meanwhile, the Kaioshins were beginning to disagree about some ideas about the Tournament of Power. Some were fine with the stipulations of the competition, but Ea, an emerging favorite of DBS fans, stated that things were far different for universes which are in danger of being completely wiped out. Others contemplated if they could persuade the Omni-King to change his mind, but the idea was quickly shut down. Once Zeno makes a decision, after all, there was simply no changing his mind.

Goku, while on the way to the Earth God Dende, then met up with Mr. Satan and Buu. Surprisingly, Buu has slimmed down completely, with Satan stating that the pink fighter had been training nonstop since getting back from the pre-tournament competition against Universe 9’s fighters. Apparently, Buu enjoyed fighting against the “dog guys” so much that he just had to get stronger. Satan then suggested that Buu should spar with Goku, and the Saiyan immediately agreed.

Buu’s fit form, which bears a striking resemblance to his Super Buu form in Dragon Ball Z (sans the creepy evil face, of course), turned out to be incredibly strong. Goku was impressed, especially after the pink fighter spammed him with so much attacks that the Saiyan actually lost the battle by ring out. Needless to say, Goku was extremely impressed. How long Buu could last in his fit form, however, remains a complete mystery, as fondly noted by fans of the anime in online forums such as Reddit.

The episode then shifted to the Pride Troopers from Universe 11. Toppo, the leader of the dominant team, was interestingly depicted in a suit, which was far more flattering on him than his red and white battle gear. With a monster attacking the planet, the elite team of fighters sprung into action. Needless to say, the Pride Troopers all appeared to be incredibly strong. Unfortunately, however, fans were still unable to see Jiren in action, as the most powerful member of the elite team was shown to still be meditating.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 also touched on Vados and Champa of Universe 6. Vados attempted to speak reason to the gathered deities, stating that Goku was essentially saving their lives by giving them a chance to fight for their survival. The other Gods of Destruction, however, were having none of it. For his part, Champa has also begun recruiting fighters for his team, which mainly involved harassing Cabba to look for more Saiyans.

The episode ends with Gohan finally meeting Piccolo, the latter promising to train the eve of the tournament. Goku has also reached Dende, who pledged to help him find No. 17.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 transpired exactly as expected by fans of the long-running anime series. Goku and Slim Buu’s fight, while brief, seemed to be an added extra for the episode, as most of the runtime was devoted to the characters in other universes. Nevertheless, DBS Ep 85 still managed to be a satisfying episode overall, with enough intrigue, comedy, and plot progression to keep fans invested.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]