‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 86-89 Summaries Leaked, Reveals Recruitment Of No.17, Piccolo, And Tienshinhan

Dragon Ball Super is well into its most ambitious saga to date, the Universe Survival Arc. As the countdown to the Tournament of Power continues, Goku and his firstborn son Gohan begin their recruitment of fighters to fill out Universe 7’s team. Last week, the series’ power couple, Krillin and No. 18, were already recruited and based on a recent summary leak, it appears that the next three weeks would follow much of the same pattern.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 has long been teased, as Goku was revealed to be recruiting No. 17, No. 18’s brother, to the Universe 7 team. Titled “Trading Blows for the First Time! Android No. 17 vs. Son Goku!!” and airing on April 16, the episode would feature the first time the two dominant fighters would ever meet in battle. While No. 17 has been featured prominently in Dragon Ball Z, the character has never actually managed to fight with Goku, Episode 86, that is.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 87’s summary is compelling and fresh. As stated by noted fan-translator Herms98, Ep 87 would be titled “Hunt the Poachers! Goku and No.17’s Joint Battle!!” and would be aired on April 23. The following is a translated summary for the episode.

“After No.17 turns down Goku’s attempt to recruit him, Goku tries to convince him. The two then sense someone approaching. The sky goes dark, and when they look up, there’s a giant spaceship in the sky.”


The summary for DBS Episode 87 is fascinating, mainly because No. 17 would be rejecting Goku’s invitation for the tournament. Since his appearance in Dragon Ball Z, No. 17 has retired to a more conventional way of life, being a natural park ranger and driving away poachers from time to time. Interestingly, as could be determined from the summary, it appears that No. 17 and Goku would be dealing with the universe’s deadliest poachers yet.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 88, titled “Gohan and Piccolo: The Master and Disciple’s Intense Training to the Limit!” and airing on April 30, would finally deal with something that longtime fans of the show have been contemplating since Goku’s firstborn son returned to the battlefield. Here is a brief summary for the upcoming episode.

“While Goku recruits No.17, Gohan has been visiting Piccolo. Piccolo has promised Goku that he will train Gohan until the tournament.”

The brief summary for the episode has managed to get numerous fans of the hit anime series extremely excited. After all, Gohan’s preparation for the multiverse tournament has been thrown into question since the character decided to join the multiverse battle. Gohan has been out of the fighting scene for some time, and the character would need to dig deep to ensure that he would be ready for the Tournament of Power. As it turns out, the fighter would definitely be more than ready, since he would be training under his old master again. Would Mystic Gohan be back soon? Only the next few episodes could tell.


Dragon Ball Super Episode 89, titled “A Mysterious Beauty appears! Mystery of the Tenshin-Style Dojo?!” and airing on May 7, would deal with the recruitment of one of the final members of the Universe 7 team — Tienshinhan, one of Goku’s oldest allies since the original Dragon Ball anime aired decades ago. Here is a short summary for the upcoming episode.

“When Goku comes to visit Kame-sennin, Oolong tells him Kame-sennin is at the dojo Tienshinhan opened. Meanwhile, a mysterious beautiful girl calling herself ‘Yurin’ visits the Tienshin-Style dojo.”

Overall, the summary for DBS Episode 89 suggests that it would be more of a filler episode. After Tien’s recruitment, the only other fighter for the Universe 7 team left would be Master Roshi. Thus, Tien’s episode would most likely be a bit lighthearted and filled with nostalgic nods to longtime fans of the long-running series, much like Krillin and No. 18’s recruitment.

Dragon Ball Super‘s Universe Survival Arc is shaping up to be the franchise’s most ambitious arc to date. With a tournament where the universe’s survival is literally at stake, it appears that Toei Animation is sparing no expense. The recently leaked summaries for Episode 86-89 are proof of it.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]