Trump Congratulates U.S. Military For 'The Syria Attack,' Many Fire Back At His Comments

President Donald Trump ordered 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles to be launched at a Syrian base carrying chemical weapons on Thursday evening, which has been seen as quite controversial, and now he is seemingly speaking for all Americans and the world. Most Americans agreed that the chemical weapons being used on the people of Syria by the Syrian government was terrible and certainly needed to be stopped. What comes up for debate is whether or not the United States should have gotten involved.

That said, Americans were a bit torn on the issue and President Trump did not make things easier in a tweet on Saturday congratulating the military on the Syrian attack. Trump posted the message on his Twitter account.

"Congratulations to our great military men and women for representing the United States, and the world, so well in the Syria attack."
Arizona Senator John McCain praised the attack on Syria, and claimed there is a chance that President Trump can "reboot with the American people, at least as far as national security is concerned." While some people seemed to be into the attack on Syria, people certainly were not happy when a Russian ship got near the very ship that launched the missiles on Syria. This is critical to know, as Russia and Syria may not be best friends, but they are allies.

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Obviously with this being controversial, some people were not thrilled with Trump seemingly speaking for all people, especially American citizens in claiming the military "represented" everyone. Many told him to "rephrase" his tweet, in that they were not responsible for what Trump did nor were they behind the attack. Considering Trump's main stance on "only America" policies, it seems that his top supporters were going to be against this action.

Even those who supported Trump for some time have come out against his attack and claimed he betrayed them with his intervention in the middle east. One of his top supporters, Ann Coulter, who authored the book In Trump We Trust, ripped into the president. She said that Trump flipped on his previous anti-intervention stance on Syria and President Bashar al-Assad, claiming that, "He told us he would be the President of America not the world."

Meanwhile Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham also expressed a good deal of outrage over the Syrian attack, saying "Missiles flying. Rubio's happy. McCain ecstatic. Hillary's on board. A complete policy change in 48 hrs." It didn't just come from the media, who supported him more than most, but also from the internet media and Infowars writer/YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson who said "I'm officially OFF the Trump train" in a recent tweet.

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President Trump was clearly in a difficult position regarding Syria and their chemical weapons. On the one hand, America could have stayed out of the middle east and away from Syria altogether and let the people take care of their problem themselves. Americans have hated that the United States has become the police of the world, which is something Trump promised he would change throughout his campaign. When he decided to go into Syria, he broke that promise.

While America could have stayed out, there is an understandable reason to enter. Syria had chemical weapons that they were warned against using. Not just once, but multiple times. They were hurting their own people and could have used those weapons to attack other innocent people, including allies or the American people if they felt like it. There is a thought that these weapons could have ended up with ISIS as well, which would not have been a good thing at all.

That said, if Trump waited and the chemical weapon usage came back to haunt the American people, he could have stopped it earlier, but didn't. Meanwhile, he said he would not enter into any sort of conflict like this. Either way, support was going to be lost. However, Trump does have a habit of not exactly saying the right things. With that known, his recent Twitter response was bound to upset people regardless of what side you fell on.

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