Killer Mermaids Of Zimbabwe: Real Or Not, It's A Story Worth Noting

Killer Mermaids Of Zimbabwe. If that's not already the title of a fabulously cheesy sci-fi flick, it should be. Could killer mermaids of Zimbabwe be real? A lot of people certainly seem to believe so. If apprehended, a mermaid with murderous motive may stand accused in drowning death of two schoolboys at a dam near Gokwe, Zimbabwe, on February 19, 2017. Chief Nemangwe oversees the jurisdiction that encompasses the village where the drownings occurred.

Nemangwe confirmed the deaths and described the likely perpetrator: a mermaid.

"It is reported that on the fateful day the two boys who were in Form One and Two at Ganye Secondary School were herding cattle when they saw the mermaid at the dam. According to a friend of the deceased boys, his companions jumped into the dam and tried to grab the mermaid because they believed it was just a big fish. But the mermaid pulled them down into the water."
"Two other people that I am aware of were also killed at the same dam in similar circumstances. As a community we have since performed some rituals to calm down the water spirits. During the ceremony we slaughtered a beast and the meat was consumed without salt."
"I can confirm that we are investigating a case of sudden death by drowning which occurred at Village Seven under Chief Nemangwe on 19 February at around 12 p.m. when two minors who were herding cattle drowned and their bodies were later retrieved by fellow villagers."

Zimbabweans don't kid around when it comes to maleficent mermaids

Togare Mapingure, the scourge of malignant mermaids, is on mission to rid Zimbabwe of evil mermaids once and for all. As the pastor of the Apostolic Faith Mission explained to ABC News Australia, misbehaving mermaids have been a problem in Africa for years. Pastor Mapingure was summoned to perform a cleansing ritual when construction crews at a dam site refused to work after spotting mermaids in 2012. The mermaid exorcising ritual included the brewing of beer and was apparently effective. Construction resumed shortly thereafter.

One man who swam with mermaids and lived to tell

In April, 2012, Zimbabwean resident Justice Manyonga revealed that killer mermaids of Zimbabwe are "very mysterious creatures," with exceptionally long hair and the ability to shift shape, complexion, and gender. He knows this because, as he told ABC News Australia, he was their guest and apprentice for two years. If one snatches you and doesn't drown you right away, they will offer you a feast of sorghum meal or millet with a side of two shimmering silver fish. If you show no signs of disgust, the mermaid menu may expand to include chicken and rice. If you "play along" with the creature, a gracious mermaid may release you horrified but unharmed, Manyonga explained.

"Once they take you there, you live like them. You wear something that does not show your feet. You eat what they eat. You eat fish, rice and chicken only. On the first day you are taken into the water, you are given millet or sorghum meal and two silver fish. The fish will be rotten, but you are told to eat them. If you show any sign of disgust, the mermaids won't be happy with your ancestors and you could be killed."

While stopping short of vouching for its veracity, admins at the Gokwe community Facebook page deemed the killer mermaids of Zimbabwe story worthy of posting on March 21.

[Feature Image via Andrea Izzotti/Shutterstock]