WWE Rumors: The Undertaker To Have One More Match At ‘WWE Survivor Series’

Most people watched The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33 believing it would be the last time they would see him inside a WWE ring, but The Deadman could rise for another match for WWE Survivor Series later this year. Many people are strongly against the idea of The Undertaker wrestling another match with WWE after his sendoff in Orlando last week. It’s early to speculate, but not everyone is convinced he’s done for good.

There are numerous reasons why The Undertaker should never wrestle again, especially after WrestleMania 33. If you were paying attention during the match with Roman Reigns, he’s lost a step in the ring. He ended his career strongly under those circumstances and even left all of his gear in the ring after the match as his way of demonstrating clearly that he’s hanging up his boots and closing the door on his wrestling career.

However, some WWE fans are only convinced The Undertaker is done performing on the grandest stage of them all. Under that assumption, WWE officials have alluded to the fact that Undertaker’s career is over for good, but WWE fans are still hopeful that he could have one more match or a huge appearance during this year’s WWE Survivor Series PPV. It’s a long short, but many people think there is one more left in the tank.

Was Wrestlemania 33 The End For The Undertaker

For instance, on the most recent edition of “Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard,” Prichard remains unconvinced that The Undertaker had his last match at WrestleMania. He referred to the match in Orlando as the “nice ending of a chapter” rather than the end of his wrestling career. He said the following about The Undertaker having another match after the grandest stage of them all:

“I’m saying short of being wheeled down to the ring in a wheelchair, that we’ve not seen the last of The Undertaker in the ring. Now he would argue with me on that and say ‘no, that’s it.’ But you never say never in this business. And The Undertaker and that character will live on forever and I think that he could still go out and have a match. It may not be what it was 25 years ago, but by god, he’ll go out and the people will be behind him just as much as they ever were.”

It has also been reported that many people are betting on the possibility of The Undertaker having one more match someday. The Deadman could keep his word like Shawn Michaels, but the only scenario for a return that would make sense is The Undertaker returning at WWE Survivor Series because that’s where his career began. There will be speculation as November approaches about Undertaker’s involvement in the event.

The WWE Universe is Betting The Undertaker Will Return at Survivor Series

The biggest obstacle in the way of The Undertaker wrestling another match at WWE Survivor Series or any other time is his health. It’s been reported for awhile that he needs a major hip surgery, which will officially end his career because he has been delaying the surgery because it would force him to retire. The belief is he couldn’t delay the surgery any longer, which means WrestleMania 33 would be the last match of his career.

As of this writing, The Undertaker hasn’t had the surgery. However, it’s being reported that he’s scheduling to have it sooner rather than later. On paper, his status for a return to the ring is kaput once he actually has the surgery, but the WWE Universe remains hopeful that The Undertaker will have one more match or a big appearance during this year’s WWE Survivor Series event. The only one who knows for sure that his career is over will always be The Undertaker, so WWE fans may have to accept that he’s finally hung up his boots.

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