Mel B. Loses In Court But Judge Orders Stephen Belafonte Not To Distribute Sex Tapes

Melanie Brown’s efforts to have her estranged ex-husband turn over any “electronic media in his possession” that depicted her “in either a sexual situation and/or other compromising situation,” apparently fell short.

The former Spice Girls member popularly known as Mel B. sought legal help to regain the alleged sex tapes in the position of Stephen Belafonte. Unfortunately, the court denied Mel B’s request on Friday. The judge did, however, offer some sort of consolation in the form of a temporary restraining order against Belafonte as per People.

The restraining order Mel B. was able to procure will prevent her ex-husband from disseminating the alleged sex tapes. However, Mel B. remains a solid stance with her claims against Belafonte, saying that her ex-husband definitely has the tapes.

Moreover, the former Spice Girl also insists that Belafonte still has some of her other personal items including Spice Girls mementos and photos of her father who recently passed away. All of which, Mel B. wishes to once again have in her possession. According to her lawyers, Belafonte had taken 12 to 15 boxes of the singer’s personal items from their family home shortly after Mel B. filed for divorce as reported by The Sun. However, the judge also denied Mel B.’s efforts to gain access to the alleged storage facility.

All of the possessions Mel B. wishes to reclaim from her ex-husband are supposedly hidden in a storage facility under that name of their former nanny, Lorraine Gilles. Mel B. claims that Belafonte actually impregnated Gilles while they were still married, which led Giles to undergo an abortion.

While all of the items Mel B. wants to claim have been denied possible by the court, the temporary restraining order issued against Belafonte came bundled with another court order. Apparently, authorities have ordered Belafonte to stay away from their family home in Los Angeles as well as their three daughters, 18-year-old Phoenix, 10-year-old Angel, and 5-year-old Madison.

Mel B. and her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte hit a rough patch in their marriage only five months after tying the knot. According to the singer, in November 2007 shortly after her Dancing with the Stars finale, Belafonte choked and slammed the Spice Girl against the floor. Apparently, Mel B. was physically abused anytime something good would happen in her career. “When something good would happen for me, he would beat me down to let me know that he was in charge,” says Mel B.

Five years later, Belafonte supposedly accused Mel B of flirting with the popular singer Usher during the taping of The X Factor. This suspicion of Belafonte’s triggered him into a blind rage, which led him to punch the former Spice Girls member in the face resulting in a split lip.

When Mel B returned to work, she explained to the people who asked her about her injuries that it was the result of a shellfish allergy. The crew, out of concern, treated her with a steroid injection to treat to supposed allergy.

Mel B’s marriage with Belafonte drew the public eye in 2014, when the former Spice Girls member was hospitalized for two days and reappeared three days later for the finale of The X Factor U.K. The star graced the stage with a body that appeared to be laced with bruises.

Apparently, Mel B has tried to leave Belafonte several times in the past. However, her efforts were slammed by Belafonte’s blackmail, using the alleged sex tapes to destroy her career and then proceed with taking their children away from her. Evidently, Belafonte has a few things to hold over Mel B, which made the star give him complete control.

Fortunately, divorce papers were filed on March 20, and the court has made a move to prevent Belafonte from releasing Mel B’s alleged sex tapes and keeping her and her family safe, despite denying her repossession of those tapes.

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