‘My 600-lb Life’ Steven Update: Elder Assanti Brother Accuses Show For Being A Scam, Then Deletes Post

The last two episodes of TLC’s My 600-lb Life were nothing short of newsworthy. The reality TV program, which follows morbidly obese individuals as they attempt to get their lives back from their condition, has never been one to shy away from depicting people with shocking behavior. Steven, the older Assanti brother, however, has managed to get many viewers and fans of the show extremely aggravated over his actions in the series. Inasmuch as his actions on the show are already shocking enough, however, it appears that Steven Assanti is not yet done making viewers cringe.

Over the last two episodes of My 600-lb Life, viewers were downright disturbed at the manner Steven treated his father and the hospital staff. His lack of gratitude and overall manners has made him among the most disliked patients since TLC began airing the series, and his actions last week, where Dr. Now himself had to put him in his place, were among the most notorious scenes in My 600-lb Life so far. While individuals who are featured in the reality TV series rarely post on social media about their current situation, Steven has taken it upon himself to update viewers about what he currently thinks of Dr. Now and My 600-lb Life in general.

Posting a message online, Steven Assanti delivered a scathing criticism of the show and the individuals behind it. Calling My 600-lb Life a “scam,” the elder Assanti brother did not mince his words as he attacked the show and its producers. While the message was quickly deleted, screenshots of Steven’s post were saved by numerous viewers. Here are some his grievances.

“Dr. Younan Nowzaradon (sic) also gave up on me because my brother refused to be compliant with filming, they said, which makes no sense to me, so Megalomedia scrapped my show that was going to air next year on TLC and left me with nothing. I am basically now without PCA services, and my house is messy, all my clothes are filthy and my hospital bed is broken and I am low on food.

“By the way, I was forced to keep the hospital bed and put center blocks underneath it and live with it later to find out Megalomedia only paid for the bed for one month when I came here on Halloween of 2015, and now I’m stuck with a bill of over $2000 and now I have to be out of my apartment by July the first.

“This is a major warning to anyone considering being on My 600-Pound Life. It is all a scam. They all lie just to try to exploit people and leave them in danger in real life. My brother gave up, they left me with absolutely nothing and I feel it is not fair to leave me now poor in danger in Houston, Texas.”

The rest of Steven’s rant, which could be read here, contains other details about his alleged plight. The elder Assanti brother deleted the message soon after, though, what he initially stated about the show has been captured in screenshots by netizens and fans of the reality TV show.

Numerous fans of the series have reacted with skepticism to Steven’s rant and criticism of My 600-lb Life, with many stating that the elder Assanti brother’s actions over the last couple of episodes appear indicative of a mental illness. Many, his brother Justin included, have said that Steven might be borderline sociopathic, which could trigger episodes such as his scathing online criticism of the hit reality TV show and its producers.

Surprisingly, however, Steven has also posted another update on Facebook. This time, however, he was much more composed and optimistic, telling his fans that he would be taking a break from social media for the time being. He did, however, state that viewers would not see the last of him yet, as he would eventually be back. With this, fans of TLC’s My 600-lb Life could rest assure that they have not seen the last of Steven Assanti just yet.

[Featured Image by TLC]