'The Amazing Race' 29 Episode 2 Recap/Highlights: A Team Turns Heel, One Gets Revenge And Shamir Throws A Fit

The Amazing Race 29 was off to a strong start during its premiere last week, with teams being formed and the competition's first elimination taking place. In this week's TAR 29 Episode 2, the plot thickens as a team turns heel, an underdog pair gets its revenge, and a contestant managed to aggravate racers and viewers alike with his attitude and anger issues.

The second leg of The Amazing Race 29 was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where the newly formed teams of strangers tackled their most daunting challenges yet. The episode opened with the teams rushing to a travel agency to book flights from Panama to Brazil, according to an EW report. Once they arrived at the South American nation, the teams were tasked to find a helipad, fly over the city, and pick up their next clue. This was where the race's first heel turn transpired.

The teams of Matt and Redmond and Ashton and Vanck were the first to fly out of Panama. Between the two teams, the all-male pair was the favorite, dominating the first leg of the race. Ashton and Vanck, however, performed poorly in the premiere episode, mainly since the two seemed to have a huge disconnect. During their travel to Sao Paulo, the army vet and snowboarder proposed that the two teams follow the honor rule, flipping a coin to see which team would do the helicopter flyover first. Ashton and Vanck agreed.

Unfortunately, Matt and Redmond decided to leave Ashton and Vanck behind anyway. The real estate agent was livid, and as the teams eventually met at their first detour, Ashton's gaze at Matt and Redmond was murderous.

It was the beginning of the new rivalry in the race, featuring a physically dominating team and an unorthodox pair that just might have what it takes to win the race. Numerous viewers in online forums such as Reddit have noted that Matt and Redmond made a huge mistake by betraying Vanck and Ashton this early in the competition. After all, at this stage in the race, it would be wise to build alliances with other teams, lest they become the targets of the other racers.

By this time, numerous fans noted that the team of Shamir and Sara were having problems. Their issues did not result from another team's interference, however, but from Shamir's attitude. During the detour, the pair was tasked to follow a Samba rhythm. By the time they were done, Shamir was complaining about his hands being sore.

By the time the teams are doing Episode 2's most challenging task, cleaning windows 15 stories up, Shamir's whining has managed to frustrate his teammate. According to the racer, his twins were in severe pain, with Shamir even stating that he feels that they were about to rupture. Things, however, did not get better from there.

According to the rules of the challenge, an official window washer would judge if the racers' work was good enough. Otherwise, they would need to rappel down and climb back up to try the task again. Shamir, for his part, failed in this task multiple times. After failing the challenge twice, Shamir punched the glass in frustration, rappelled down, and demanded to see a doctor. His partner, Sara, transformed from a sympathetic teammate to one that was downright livid.

Shamir eventually finished the task on his fifth try, but not before he showed his true colors in front of the camera. Even Phil himself had to address the issue directly, and even that was not enough to improve Shamir's composure. His partner, Sara, was in tears.

The pair did not finish last, and hence, they were not eliminated. This week's elimination went to Jessie and Francesca, who, ironically, seemed to have had the most fun in the second leg of the race. Overall, The Amazing Race 29 Episode 2 did not disappoint, and considering the events that transpired this week, it appears that this season's twist would make for great reality TV, after all.

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