Kendall Jenner Pepsi Commercial: 'KUWTK' Family Fear Kardashian Brand Being In Jeopardy, Embarrassed By Ad?

Kendall Jenner is hurt and embarrassed by the controversy behind her infamous Pepsi commercial, it has been claimed.

Kendall Jenner was more than happy to share the two-minute advertisement on her social media page earlier this week, but it wasn't long before viewers let their frustration known behind the "distasteful" approach to social justice.

Even Kendall Jenner's own fans questioned the actual motif behind the advertisement, which sees the model hand a can of Pepsi to one of the police guards which appears to end the protest with everybody rejoicing.

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Pepsi has since apologized, USA Today confirms, stressing that they clearly missed the mark, adding that they are sincerely sorry for the distress the scandal may have caused Kendall Jenner.

According to Hollywood Life, Kendall is absolutely humiliated by the backlash she's received in recent days. Having always been known as the shy sibling in the Kardashian household, the last thing Jenner would have wanted is to find herself being a trending topic because the world stands against her, the outlet reports.

When Kendall Jenner first heard about the news that Pepsi wanted to work with her, she was beyond excited and couldn't wait to start shooting the advert. Looking back at it now, Kendall reportedly considers it the worst mistake she's made in a very long time — she's totally embarrassed by everybody's reaction.

"This was a dream come true for Kendall [Jenner]. Getting a Pepsi commercial is so huge, especially because Cindy Crawford did it first," the insider notes. "Kendall idolizes Cindy Crawford and she felt like she was following in her footsteps. But it's gone from a dream to a total nightmare. Kendall is crushed, she feels like the whole world hates her. She's never had to deal with this kind of backlash, she's so upset."

"What makes it even worse is that Kendall is genuinely so passionate about the social justice movement. She was beyond inspired by all the women's marches. She loves that people are coming together and fighting back against all the injustice. She thought this commercial was going to celebrate that. She would never have done it if she thought people were going to take it as an insult. It's hard enough feeling like everyone is against her, but it's extra painful because her heart is really in the right place."
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Kendall Jenner is desperate to keep a low profile in the forthcoming weeks, hoping that the Pepsi controversy will die down sooner rather than later.

Jenner has a couple of appearances coming up in the next couple of months and it's already said that she won't be addressing anything to do with the commercial, stressing that she wants it to be a thing of the past that she never wants to think about again.

As Pepsi has already mentioned, the Kendall Jenner-featured advert has since been removed from the company's official website and will no longer be running during commercial breaks on television, a rep confirms.

It's unlikely that Kendall Jenner would want to shoot another commercial with the brand if they were to approach her again. While she's hesitant to openly express her feelings to the embarrassment of having the advert criticized to new heights, fans are convinced that they'll most likely hear Jenner talk about it in a forthcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians later in the year.

News of Kendall Jenner's humiliation following the release of the Pepsi ad comes just days before the model was expected to fly out to Paris to headline another modeling campaign. Upon arriving in France, Kendall has shied away from photographers who've bombarded her with questions in relation to the commercial that she certainly won't want to answer.

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