'Property Brothers' News: Fans Go Crazy Over Third Brother They Didn't Know About

Fans love The Property Brothers, but a lot of people do not know that there is another brother. No, they aren't triplets, but they happen to have an older brother that just isn't part of the Property Brothers TV show. E! Online shared the details about the older brother of The Property Brothers and how a lot of people don't know about him. The second that word got out, the internet went crazy. He does look like his brothers, but he doesn't happen to be a triplet with them.

A lot of people didn't know about the third Property Brother, but word came out recently when Brad Esposito shared a photo of Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott with their brother and wrote, "This pic of the third Property Brother has me seriously messed up."

His name is J.D. Scott, and this third Property Brother happens to be the older brother of Drew and Jonathan. Obviously, he is not part of their show.

J.D. Scott didn't just appear out of nowhere, but he isn't on the show at all with the Property Brothers. J.D. actually has his own career that is going well, instead. He has worked as an impersonator, but he has also starred in films and written scripts before. J.D. Scott actually produces a lot of the digital content for the Property Brothers. J.D. also helped found the Canadian sketch comedy group YFG.

Even though he helps out behind the scenes on Property Brothers, it doesn't look like he will be joining the show. It also turns out that he isn't single. Instead, he is dating makeup artist and model Annalee Belle. He is always sharing pictures of her on social networks and is obviously really into her.

It really doesn't look like fans are going to get to see J.D. Scott joining The Property Brothers, even though the fans would love to see it. Fans would love for him to be on television with his brothers, or to even have his own show, but J.D. seems more interested in doing things behind the scenes. He is very involved, even if it isn't the way that you would like to see him.

If you knew about J.D. already, share in the comments below how you knew about him. A lot of people who would even consider themselves huge fans of Property Brothers didn't know who he was, or that he even existed. Some people know a lot about the Scott boys and did realize he existed.

Are you surprised that there is an older brother to the Property Brothers? Did you know that he existed? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss Property Brothers on HGTV. You never know if things might change and J.D. Scott might decide to make an appearance.

[Featured Image By Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]