'General Hospital' Spoilers: Jax Pleads With Carly, Tracy Gets Another Shocker, And Ava's Scrambling Continues

General Hospital spoilers tease that there's plenty of action on the way with Friday's episode. Tracy and Laura are in Turkey tracking down the painting her father had been connected to, and Jax returned to Port Charles and came clean with Carly about how he paid Frank to find a kidney for Josslyn, leaving Nelle rocked by what she's learned. Ava is desperate to get Morgan's pills out of the evidence room at the police station, and Elizabeth is trying to keep her relationship with Franco progressing smoothly. What do GH teasers reveal about the April 7 show?

GH teasers detail that Jax will be begging Carly to forgive him for everything that transpired with the kidney transplant. Carly is hurt and furious with him, both for doing it in the first place and for lying for so long about it. Jax's secrets have hurt not only his ex-wife, but Josslyn, Michael, Sonny, and even Nelle, and it sounds as if Carly will have a hard time deciding how to move forward. However, SheKnows Soaps hints that she may manage to forgive Jax soon.

As Jax pleads for forgiveness, General Hospital spoilers detail that Michael and Nelle will cross paths and have a difficult discussion. While the revelations from Jax certainly change things to a degree, the supposed fling with Sonny is still a dark cloud over all of them. She's backed into a corner now because even if she reveals the truth, she still manufactured the whole scenario and forgiveness may be difficult to find. GH spoilers share that Michael will point out that she can't take back what she did, and it sounds as if she'll step back and consider her options at this point.

Chloe Lanier plays Nelle on 'General Hospital'
Will Nelle be able to fix the mess she created on 'GH'? [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

While viewers will have to stay tuned to see exactly when it happens, GH teasers from Soap Central reveal that Nelle will come clean and tell Sonny the truth next week. Some fans have been frustrated that the idea that she fabricated this never occurred to any of the involved parties, but the truth is about to come out at last, seemingly in an attempt to smooth things over with Michael. Will Nelle be redeemed thanks to Jax's confession and the one she's about to make, or is this going to be too little, too late?

Also coming up on Friday's show, Ava's desperation to get Morgan's pills back in her hands and out of the police station continues. GH spoilers note that she'll cross paths with Valerie as she's scrambling and Valerie will wonder why she seems in such a rush. The pill bottle was tested for fingerprints, and Sonny will be asking Dante what was revealed. Will Ava and Lucy's fingerprints pop up or will the tests come back inconclusive as some fans suspect? When will Ava finally be busted for her involvement in Morgan's death?

GH teasers indicate that there's a bit of action ahead involving Elizabeth and Franco during the next show as well. Elizabeth wasn't ready to accept Franco's marriage proposal and this has intensified the insecurity he has regarding their relationship. In addition, he's promised to back away from Jake to try to keep the peace between Jason and Elizabeth, but he's struggling with this, as is Jake.

General Hospital spoilers note that Elizabeth will question Franco, wondering what he's hiding from her, and it sounds as if this may be related to his concerns for Jake and how complicated their relationship has gotten. GH teasers suggest that Liz will make a gesture to try to reassure him that their relationship is solid, and this could end up generating some sexy moments for the two.

Jane Elliot plays Tracy on 'General Hospital'
What comes next for Tracy in Turkey on 'GH'? [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Laura and Tracy's adventure in Turkey continues, and there's another shocker on the way for them. GH spoilers hint that Tracy will be receiving a warning, and there's a surprise visitor about to connect with them. There has been speculation swirling that Anthony Geary might return to reprise his role as Luke Spencer in connection with this storyline, as it is suspected that this story will pave the way for Jane Elliot's departure from the role.

However, General Hospital spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry reveal that this surprise visitor is not Luke, but rather is a woman named Samira who will apparently throw another wrench into Tracy's quest to bring the painting home. Who is Samira, and how does she shake up Tracy's plans? Will Luke pop up in the middle of this or are the GH teasers hinting at this possibility incorrect?

Also coming up soon, Jake will be revealing a secret regarding Jason and Sam, and Jason will be scrambling to track down Alexis. Sam already suspects that Julian may still be alive, and GH teasers hint that developments are coming soon on this front. General Hospital spoilers note that the fallout coming from Jax's confession will continue to wreak havoc throughout Port Charles in the coming week, and fans cannot wait to see where things head next.

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