'Little People, Big World' Star Amy Roloff Admits Matt's New Romance Hurt Her

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff is finally speaking out about how she feels regarding her ex-husband, Matt, starting up a romance with longtime farm manager Caryn Chandler.

According to Radar Online, the mom of four admits that she felt hurt when she learned about Matt's romance with Caryn because she was a family friend.

"Caryn has been Matt's personal assistant. Now that they're dating, of course, that's hurtful."

In a clip for the new season of Little People Big World, Amy, Matt, and Caryn get together for a tense meeting about the farm. Amy is trying to keep things civil with her ex, but with his newest romance, it may soon get pretty awkward between them.

The painful moments in her family seem to be affecting her relationship with her boyfriend of six months. When one of her friends asks her how she feels about Chris Mark, the Roloff matriarch said she wasn't sure she could open her heart up again.

"You mean in love with him? Parts of me says yes, but then part of me says you know what, be very careful," Roloff said.

It's not a huge surprise that Amy felt hurt by Matt's new romance with Chandler. When the mom of four found out about their romance, she reportedly "felt blindsided" because she never expected someone she knew would take up a relationship with Matt.

Matt went public with his relationship several weeks ago on social media. He received backlash when a few of his followers blasted him for finding love with the hired help.

"Matt has turned into a real slime ball!" one of Matt's followers wrote on Facebook.

Caryn Chandler has worked for Amy and Matt since 2011 as the Roloff farm manager. She is someone that Amy felt comfortable with and had no idea that she had any romantic feelings for Matt. As you can imagine, their romance took her by surprise, and she wasn't sure how she felt about their pairing.

The Little People. Big World clip showed the Roloff family getting ready for two grandbabies. Zach Roloff got married in 2015, and his wife, Tori, is due to have their first child in the next few months. In the video, Zach voiced his concern about his baby's size to his mother, Amy. He worried that the baby could be born with dwarfism. His mother tried to reassure him, and she urged him not to worry about the baby's size.

Zach worried that if his son was born as a little person, he would face criticism and could be bullied. Roloff revealed that as a child he was bullied, and he didn't want that for his children.

"Everything will work out Zach. Try not to worry, son."

Zach's baby isn't the only new arrival coming this year; Jeremy's wife, Audrey, is having a baby in a few months too. In the clip, the Roloff patriarch cannot contain his excitement about becoming a grandfather two times over in just a few months.

It looks like a great season ahead on Little People, Big World. Amy and Matt struggle to work together to manage the farm together. Zach wrestles with his own demons as he worries about his son's health. Jeremy prepares for his first child -- a baby girl.

Little People, Big World fans hope that the Roloff family can work together, despite the conflict. It isn't good for any of them to be at each other's throat.

Do you think Zach's baby will be a little person? Can Amy work with Caryn and Matt after learning about their relationship? Will Amy give love a chance with her boyfriend despite not wanting to have her heart broken again?

Little People, Big World returns on May 2 on TLC.

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