Luann de Lesseps Slammed For Taking Thomas Back: Are There Other Women?

Luann de Lesseps is now a married woman after she decided to go through with her New Year's Eve wedding to Thomas D'Agostino. Luann just met Thomas in late 2015, but the two were quickly engaged. de Lesseps didn't really care that Thomas had dated her Real Housewives of New York co-star Ramona Singer and had slept with Sonja Morgan. All she knew was that he made her happy and it was the best possible fit for her. Thomas and Luann got married on New Year's Eve just a few months ago, and now she's facing the Real Housewives of New York viewers, who are shocked that she decided to take Thomas back.

According to a new Instagram post, Luann de Lesseps was thrilled to announce that she was hanging out with Tom, having a premiere party for the new season of the show. However, when she posted a picture of them together, fans were shocked to see them still together. Didn't the cheating hurt her enough to make her change her mind about him?

"Premiere party ready with Tom! Hope everyone is enjoying the episode! #RHONY," Luann de Lesseps revealed on Instagram, while sharing a picture of them together.

Of course, de Lesseps has been very vocal about forgiving D'Agostino and moving on, even though some people say they would never be able to forgive a man who cheated just hours before his engagement party. And while many people reached out with happy messages, Luann also faced some tough questions.

"Why are you using the title Countess, when You are no longer a countess?" one person questioned Luann, who still used the title of Countess on her social media profiles.

Of course, her Real Housewives of New York co-stars have been very vocal about her relationship with Thomas. Bethenny Frankel was surprised to hear that Luann de Lesseps had taken him back and forgiven him for cheating on her. And some people don't understand what de Lesseps sees in the guy. Sure, he has a penthouse apartment and he probably has some money in the bank, but fans don't understand why she's so obsessed with him.

"This is the guy that everybody is freaking out about???" one person questioned, while others added about Thomas, "Tom this Tom that Tom has a penthouse Tom Tom Tom. You are a gorgeous woman. He is lucky to have you," and "Omg Tom looks like that bald guy from the Adams Family. And FYI, that beige chair you have behind you needs some cleaning."

And it sounds like D'Agostino can't escape the player label he has gotten. After dating Ramona, sleeping with Sonja, and now marrying Luann, it does seem like he's lying to get himself a nice spot on The Real Housewives of New York. While Ramona is convinced that de Lesseps' husband is cheating on her, she doesn't think so.

"Pinocchio oops I mean tom the player. She's going to find out the hard way. Sad but true. But for now good luck," said one Real Housewives of New York viewer, while another added, "Tom makes my skin crawl! I have no respect for Lie-Ann.. HOW could u possible marry this cheater! Good luck."

But Luann de Lesseps does have her supporters and she did receive some sweet messages from fans who loved seeing how happy she was. And these fans don't care if there are other women in his life. They just love seeing how happy de Lesseps is these days.

"Back off lot lizards people love who they love I bet everybody complaining don't have no perfect man," one person wrote in support of Luann, who clearly doesn't have viewers' support when it comes to Thomas.

What do you think of Luann de Lesseps forgiving Thomas and moving in with him? Do you think there are other women as Ramona alleges on The Real Housewives of New York?

[Featured Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]