'Moonlight In Vermont: In Hallmark Movie Spring Love Throws A 'Curveball,' Starring Lacey Chabert

Moonlight in Vermont is a delightful new Hallmark movie that will warm up your Spring night in just one day. The Saturday night movie is directed by Mel Damski with the writing credits going to Michael Nourse, Gregg Rossen, Angela Ruhinda, and Brian Sawyer.

Known for its holiday and romance films, Hallmark Channel continues to provide its viewers with the best in family home entertainment. Moonlight in Vermont follows the life of a high-end real estate broker whose break-up sends her to the charming Vermont Inn to rethink her life. But she is thrown a curve ball after her ex shows up with his new girlfriend. This sweet feature stars Lacey Chabert as Fiona Rangely, Carlo Marks as Derek, Jesse Moss as Nate, and Fiona Vroom as Angela.

Moonlight In Vermont Synopsis For The Hallmark Channel Movie

Fiona Rangely is a powerful real estate broker in New York City. She networks with potential clients and sells properties one by one. With her talent for sales and closing the deal, it's no wonder that the high-paid real estate broker can call all of the shots in her life. But there is one person who has grown tired of Fiona's chaotic lifestyle, and that's her boyfriend, Nate. After finally dumping her, a shocked and gloomy Fiona needs a getaway to rethink her life.

While planning the upcoming excursion with her best girlfriend, Fiona decides to travel to the Vermont Inn, a beautiful and quaint inn that boasts lush grounds, genuine hospitality, and rustic beauty. Surely now, Fiona will be able to get some rest and find some cheer.

What she doesn't bank on is bumping into her ex. And what is more shocking? He is there with his new girlfriend. Taken aback and emotionally side-swiped once again by her bubbly ex-beau, Fiona decides to take back the power by pretending that Derek, a handsome chef at the Vermont Inn, is her new boyfriend.

Derek is the "outdoorsy" type who works magic with his hands both in the yard and in the kitchen. Now, Fiona hopes that Derek's captivating charm will be enough to make Nate jealous and win him back.

But the magic seems to be whipping up a love connection between Derek and Fiona, instead. Each day that Fiona spends time with Derek, she falls more and more in love with him. After all, Derek is more than just a chef, he is a tender, warm, and refreshing young man who is teaching her how to slow down in life and enjoy the small things.

Upon seeing the new romance abloom between Fiona and Derek, it makes Nate want her back more than ever. Now, Nate is springing into action to do whatever it takes to make Fiona his again. But with the chirping sounds of love in the air, this latest romance with Derek just might be the new beginning that she so desperately wanted. Will Fiona choose to stay with Derek in Vermont, or will she fall back into Nate's arms and head back to New York City?

Work-Life Balance For Actress Lacey Chabert

Actress Lacey Chabert, who recently gave birth to a bouncing new baby girl, told People that she enjoyed having the chance to bring her new bundle on the set of the movie, allowing her to bask in the roles of real-life mom and the character Fiona in Moonlight in Vermont.

It's a Wonderful Movie noted that Moonlight in Vermont was originally titled Curveball and was slated to air during the Christmas-holiday season. For some reason, it was taken off of the Christmas slate and scheduled as a "Spring Fling" programming movie event. Despite the title change, Curveball, aka Moonlight in Vermont, will surely be as charming as most of the movie for which Hallmark is known.

The Hallmark movie Moonlight in Vermont is produced by Crown Media Productions with Beth Grossbard on as executive producer and Harvey Kahn listed as producer.

Moonlight in Vermont airs this Saturday, April 8 at 9/8 p.m. Central on Hallmark Channel. Last week, the movie Love at First Bark premiered on Hallmark Channel.

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