Fredrik Eklund Facing Questions About Luis D. Ortiz: Will ‘MDLNY’ Ever Be The Same?

Fredrik Eklund has been filming the newest season of Million Dollar Listing: New York and it sounds like he’s excited to return to the show. Last season, Luis D. Ortiz announced that he would be leaving the show behind because he was no longer passionate about real estate. Luis really wanted to find happiness elsewhere, and he shocked everyone by walking away from the Emmy-nominated show. In March, Ortiz packed his bags and moved to Paris, France where he is currently living, leaving an empty spot for Bravo to fill. And now, Fredrik has revealed who the new agent is.

According to a new Instagram post, Fredrik Eklund shared the new promo photo for the upcoming season of Million Dollar Listing: New York and in Luis’ place is a new agent. For a while, Eklund and Ryan Serhant had no idea who the new agent was and they didn’t really talk about the upcoming season. However, now he has a face. While Fredrik Eklund didn’t share his name, he did face questions about Luis.

“SEASON 6. Premiering May 25th,” Fredrik Eklund revealed on Instagram, sharing that Million Dollar Listing: New York is returning in about a month to Bravo.

And while his followers were excited about this upcoming season, it sounds like some people will miss Luis dearly. Of course, Fredrik Eklund and Luis ended up becoming friends and they have seen each other a few times before he moved away. And it sounds like Eklund will be going to Paris to visit his old friend in a few weeks.

“Can’t wait to watch it again but will miss Luis so much as nobody can replace him! His energy, kindness and positive attitude will be missed and is rare to find!” one person wrote to Fredrik Eklund, who replied with, “I’ll miss him too. But I’ll see [him] in Paris in two weeks.”

Of course, Eklund has his own personality on the show and Ortiz was the perfect co-star for him, as he was the complete opposite. While Fredrik was professional and often played by the rules of the industry, Luis was a short guy who had no problem breaking the rules. And viewers will miss this dynamic on the show.

“Can’t wait – though I’m sad that Luis won’t be part of this. Looking forward to of my favorite shows-loyal since Season 1,” one person wrote to Fredrik on his Instagram post that shared the same picture, while others added the same feelings, “Luis will be sadly missed!!! The new dude will have to earn his stripes. Look forward to seeing you and Ryan work together more,” and “Awesome excited to see next season. This new guy has big shoes to fill. Fredrick. You should be in the middle. You are the star.”

Many of these reality shows go through changes and Michael Lorber, who was on the first season of Million Dollar Listing: New York, decided to leave the show after just a few episodes. And now Luis has left the show. It will never be the same, but since Ortiz and Fredrik Eklund are friends, it is possible he will make a guest appearance on future seasons.

“This picture makes me so sad–Fredrik and ryan you both look fine but there is no luis which is beyond sad–hope they at least have a good send off for him to paris–this new guy has huge shoes to fill if he can even fill Luis’s shoes or hold his own with both of you!!!!–cannot wait to see though–miss the show so much,” another person wrote on his Instagram post, adding the feeling that Million Dollar Listing: New York viewers are willing to give this new agent a chance.

What do you think of Fredrik Eklund’s post about the upcoming season of Million Dollar Listing: New York?

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