Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Searches Surge After Full ‘CBS This Morning’ Interview With Gayle King [Videos]

Ivanka Trump gave an interview to Gayle King of CBS This Morning, as reported by the Inquisitr, and after viewers watched Ivanka’s full interview videos, they had questions about Ivanka’s appearance.

According to Twitter, several terms are surging upwards in the wake of Ivanka’s interview. Previously, “Ivanka’s neighbor” was and still is a popular search term on the social networking site, because of the fur one of Ivanka’s neighbors donned while watching a protest on her street. Other terms surging include Ivanka’s usages of the words “complicit” and “conflate.” However, some people were focused more on Ivanka’s looks instead of strictly what Ivanka was saying to King, and as such, the term “Ivanka Trump plastic surgery” is also being reported as a search term of interest by Twitter.

Some of the searching surrounding Ivanka and plastic surgery was due to conflicting reports over whether or not women are flocking to obtain plastic surgery in order to look like Ivanka. According to the Daily Mail, women were headed of to cosmetic surgeons’ offices in droves in China in order to get plastic surgery that mimicked Ivanka’s “big eyes, pretty nose and flawless figure.” The publication claimed that while certain women in the U.S. were mocking Ivanka with sketches on SNL calling her complicit in her father’s wrongdoings, women in China were allegedly headed off for cosmetic surgery to look like Ivanka.

Donald Trump, Ivanka and Melania in 2004 [Image by Evan Agostini/Getty Images]

However, according to the Shanghaiist, the reports were inflating the news about any Chinese women going to their plastic surgeon’s offices to look just like Ivanka. The publication claimed that they have not personally witnessed any women walking around Shanghai, located on the central coast of China and representing China’s largest city and financial hub, looking just like Ivanka. If there were women with the means and opportunity to pay for a plastic surgeon to turn them into Ivanka, surely Shanghai would be the place to photograph some Ivanka lookalikes.

Instead, the publication notes that the Ivanka plastic surgery hubbub likely began in a Washington Post article that detailed Ivanka’s name as a cottage industry for firms in China attempting to trademark Ivanka’s name. One of those firms attempting to trademark Ivanka’s name was a small plastic surgery clinic that goes by the name of Yiwanka, which is Ivanka’s name in Chinese (依万卡). The Shanghai publication noted that no other evidence of a large number of women flocking to plastic surgeons existed that they could locate, which would suffice as hard evidence of Chinese women getting plastic surgery to look like Ivanka, and only noted the mention of the Yiwanka HR manager’s thoughts.

“A company in the southern city of Foshan had the foresight to register its name — Foshan Yiwanka Medical Management — just before the election. With just 15 employees, it offers cosmetic surgery around the eyes and nose, as well as liposuction and breast enlargement, said human resources manager Li Yunxing. ‘Young women in China like to change their looks to copy film stars’ eyes, noses and lips,’ he said. ‘No doubt young women here want Ivanka’s big eyes, her pretty nose and lips and her flawless figure. Her facial features, disposition and appearance are perfect,’ Li added, ‘no matter whether they are judged by the beauty standards of the East or the West.'”

According to Fox 25 Boston, however, one Houston plastic surgeon said there is a definite uptick in plastic surgeries garnered by women in the U.S. who want to look like Ivanka via plastic surgery.

Granted, some of the folks searching for “Ivanka Trump plastic surgery” are trying to ascertain if Ivanka has undergone any plastic surgery herself, such as breast implants and the like. However, the 35-year-old Ivanka has not gone on record in a manner that is readily verifiable about having received any kind of plastic surgery, therefore Ivanka fans are left to compare photos, such as Ivanka in the top photo above from May 10, 1999, to more recent photos to try and ascertain if Ivanka has had any plastic surgery procedures.

[Featured Image by Patrick Riviere/Getty Images]

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