Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad Blowback As Kendall, Asap Rocky ‘Go Public’ With PDA

Kendall Jenner and Asap Rocky might be the new hot couple of 2017. Not that their romance is exactly new, but Kendall and Asap are taking their time making it official. As Kendall’s Pepsi ad makes trouble for the supermodel, she and her rapper friend were spotted on April 4 putting on some “intense PDA” at a live The Who concert. Despite the display, there’s still no confirmation in words, according to the Daily Mail.


Kendall Jenner hasn’t tweeted, Instagrammed, or let anyone quote her about exactly how much she’s into the rapper. With Kylie Jenner and Tyga cycling through another breakup in their on again, off again relationship, Kendall might want to play it cool and avoid a public acknowledgment of exclusivity with Rocky.


She’s watched as her Kylie goes through ups and downs with Tyga with the whole world watching and commenting. When the news broke of Kylie Jenner’s latest split with Tyga, a source told People via the Daily Mail that the couple could end up together again.

“They tend to take little breaks all the time and then get back together: ‘It’s definitely possible they’ll work things out again.”

Kendal Jenner has seen Kylie and Tyga split and reunite while fans devour every detail.
Kylie Jenner during New York Fashion week, just before her split with Tyga. [Image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for New York Fashion Week]

No one needs every detail of their romance inspected by millions of people, but when you’re part of the Kardashian clan, that’s what happens. Kendall’s already had people practically planning her wedding after she had some steamy dates with Jordan Clarkson, 24, and Harry Styles, 23.


On top of that, Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad has her under so much negative scrutiny right now that she doesn’t need to give fans or critics more to talk about. While many of Kendall’s followers would be happy to see her with Asap Rocky, there will be the inevitable unhappiness with her choice if Jenner makes it official.


According to CNBC, Jenner’s Pepsi ad “has sparked a backlash” of epic proportions, and Twitter is on fire about the reality star’s inappropriate attempt to heal generations of racial oppression with a can of Pepsi. One Twitter user wrote that the Pepsi ad would be satire if it weren’t so painfully tone-deaf.


Amid all the Pepsi anger and animosity, Kendall is enjoying some chill time with Asap Rocky, and that might be how she wants to keep things for now.

Kendall Jenner's Pepsi ad has garnered a lot of negativity for the supermodel and she is keeping busy with her career while chilling with Asap Rocky.
Kendall Jenner has plenty to keep her busy with shows all over the world. [Image by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images]

The Sun wrote that a Kendall Jenner insider confirmed she really is in a relationship with the rapper. According to the outlet, Kendall is “officially off the market,” even if she’s not saying so.

The Kendall insider said that during the concert at the Royal Albert Hall, Jenner and Rocky “made no secret of the fact” that they are in a relationship.”

“There was a lot of touching going on. It wasn’t the behavior of two people who are just friends. Kendall seems very into him.”

There’s one problem with assuming that Kendall and Rocky touching a lot means they are ready to commit. Hollywood Life points out that their “chemistry has always been electric.” Jenner and Rocky have been “acting like a couple” almost since they met and definitely since their early dates. Neither of them is “shy” about expressing affection physically and “putting on a cozy display” is normal for them.

Kendall and Asap are really into each other and always look “happy together.” The question is, does it mean anything more than just attraction and a place to escape from Kendall’s Pepsi ad blowback?

[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]