‘Teen Mom’ Stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Slammed Over Baby Jokes

Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell continued to film the show even though she was technically no longer a mother a few years back. Lowell and her boyfriend Tyler Baltierra decided to give up their daughter Carly for adoption as they didn’t think they could handle being parents at the age of 16. However, they stayed together and two years ago they welcomed another baby girl. But since their daughter Nova is by herself, Lowell and Tyler could be thinking about having another baby. And this week, they started chatting about it on social media.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell is now facing some backlash for joking about having another baby, as some people can’t get pregnant. She had posted an ultrasound scan on her Instagram account, which was the beginning of the rumors. Apparently, this Teen Mom star has plenty of haters, who will slam everything she says. While the couple may just have meant it as a joke, some people were not laughing.

“Wahhh I’m ready for another baby,” Catelynn tweeted recently, to which one person aggressively wrote back, “Your child having their first day of school isn’t a reason to have another baby….”

Proud to announce a new baby Baltierra @tylerbaltierramtv

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Of course, Lowell may want another baby, as she wants a playmate for Nova. Plus, she has given up one daughter for adoption, so it makes sense that she would want another baby in the home. But some people slammed the idea that they were having children just because their toddler had started school. It seems like an odd argument to make, and Catelynn reveals that this is not the case.

“She started school? As far as I know she’s 3, she don’t need to be in school… true that helps the kids but they can teach her theirselves,” another Teen Mom viewer wrote, to which Catelynn Lowell replied, “Excuse me?!? She needs it for socializing b/c she’s an ONLY child! I take it ur not a parent.”

“It had NOTHING to do with people who can’t have kids. NEWSFLASH I gave a couple, that suffered like that, the ultimate gift…my first born,” Tyler wrote on Twitter after facing some backlash for the baby comment.


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While Catelynn Lowell may be hurt by some of these comments, her husband Tyler doesn’t take the mean comments too seriously. As it turns out, he enjoys the haters because they just make him laugh. He has grown some tough skin over the years after being on Teen Mom for so long.

“Apparently the world can’t take jokes anymore…don’t worry #TeenMomOG will be back on the air soon so we can disappoint you some more,” Tyler later wrote, saying that his fans had taken the jokes about having another baby too seriously.

But some people felt that the couple played a cruel joke, and Tyler laughed it off, apologizing for making his real fans think that they are expecting another baby.

“It was a cruel thing to do, I’m sorry lol,” he replied back to someone, who pointed out that the claims that they were pregnant were mean, as some people can’t get pregnant.

“Why don’t u just go back to ur real family? Not like we have mattered anyways.. to u it’s just the thought that mattered,” Catelynn Lowell later wrote in defense of herself, hinting that she may not be sharing such news in the future if this is the reaction they will be facing.

What do you think of Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra possibly having another baby? Are you surprised that they are facing so much backlash, especially since they could possibly be thinking about another baby so Nova could get a sibling at home?

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