Casey Anthony: Did She Have Help Dumping Dead Daughter’s Body? ‘Murder Mystery’ On ID Tonight

Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery is a three-night television documentary event about the death of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony. It will unearth the case that riveted the nation in 2008 when the child’s dead body was discovered in a wet grassy area not far from Casey Anthony’s home.

Casey Anthony claimed that her daughter was kidnapped, but prosecutors alleged that the young mother killed her baby so that she could be free and single. She faced the death penalty had she been convicted. A jury acquitted Casey Anthony of murder in 2011, and she left prison shortly after the shocking verdict, according to the New York Times.

Investigation Discovery’s Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery pries open the murder files for a more penetrative look into what could have really happened to little Caylee. Expect to see Casey Anthony’s parents, Cindy and George Anthony, along with TV crime journalists Jane Velez-Mitchell and Diane Diamond. A friend of Casey Anthony and an alternate juror in the infamous trial will also make an appearance.


Caylee Anthony’s Death Was A Homicide. But Who Did It?

Detectives were called to a swampy scene in the woods, where the human skull of a child had been found, in late 2008. The dead body belonged to Caylee Anthony, the missing toddler who vanished in June of that same year. An autopsy report could not pinpoint a cause of death due to the condition of the remains. The skull did not show signs of trauma, according to the examination conducted by the office of Dr. Jan Garavaglia, also known as Dr. G.

Cindy Anthony stated that her daughter, Casey Anthony, left her home headed to Jacksonville, Florida, for a job with Universal Studios. She later learned that Casey Anthony had lied and was, in fact, in Orlando, Florida, with her boyfriend. The doting grandmother became worried when she was never able to speak to her granddaughter, Caylee, with whom she had a very close relationship. Even more suspicious, the car that Casey Anthony had been driving smelled like a dead body had been stored inside the trunk.


When Casey Anthony was finally confronted by her mother, she claimed that her toddler had been kidnapped by the babysitter. To Cindy’s horror, she learned that Casey had not seen her baby in 31 days.

Florida detectives noted that the story sounded unbelievable. What mother would go 31 days without reporting their precious daughter missing?


Casey Anthony was finally arrested and charged with the death of Caylee Anthony. But there was still one problem: There was no direct evidence that showed that Casey Anthony actually killed her child.

At trial, prosecutors alleged that someone in Casey Anthony’s home looked up information related to neck breaking, shovel, and how to make chloroform. They also highlighted the following.

  • High levels of chloroform were found in the car.
  • There were roots growing into the bone.
  • The remains had been at the swampy area for a long time.
  • Medical examiners believed that the child could have possibly been asphyxiated or smothered.
  • Duck tape was found on the bottom half of the skull.

Defense attorneys had their own theories, which included trying to put the blame on Casey Anthony’s father, George Anthony, a former cop. They also alleged that Caylee’s death was a terrible drowning accident that was covered over.

Despite the circumstantial evidence, the jury didn’t convict her of murder. The verdict enraged and outraged people all across the country. They had seen the pictures of Casey Anthony as she partied in Florida while she knew her daughter was missing. People who were around Casey during the alleged kidnapping of her daughter say they knew nothing about her daughter’s disappearance. Some say she never even spoke of having a daughter.

But if Casey Anthony killed Caylee, how did she get the girl’s body from her home and into the wooded area without being noticed? Did she have help dumping the body? Would Casey Anthony, a seemingly spoiled woman, have the nerve to go into the woods alone to dump the body?


Hopefully, that is a question that will be answered on Sunday’s investigation of the Casey Anthony case. The memorial site where people gathered to remember Caylee has grown over with weeds, the Daily Mail reported. And according to FindAGrave, Caylee Anthony’s remains were cremated. No burial site was listed.

A photo of the dead remains can be found here.

Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery airs Sunday, April 9 at 10/9 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery. What are your theories about exactly how and why Caylee Anthony died? List below.

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