Porsha Williams Supporting Phaedra Parks: The Story Behind The Frick And Frack Onesies

Porsha Williams has focused on her own life and her desire to have a baby on this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Porsha tried to have twin boys when she was married to Kordell Stewart, but after their relationship had fallen apart, the plans to have twins came to an abrupt end. For years, Porsha has tried to find someone whom she could start a family with, but she had to resort to an old boyfriend with children to find the perfect match. For a while, Phaedra Parks has questioned her plan to have children outside of wedlock, but Williams is now revealing that she appreciates Parks’ support.

According to a new Bravo report, Porsha Williams is now revealing the story behind her Frick and Frack onesies she made for herself and Parks. Since they were not going to Kandi Burruss’ restaurant opening during Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Parks decided to come over to Porsha’s house, and Porsha Williams had a surprise for her friend. As it turns out, it was inspired by something Williams had done with her sister before.

Well my sister Lauren and I made matching plaid shirts with Williams on the back for the camping trip, but we didn’t make a big deal about them because the company misspelled our last name. So we decided to give it another try and go get Frick and Frack onesies! I figured we would look like cute, big-booty Teletubbies, LOL!” Porsha Williams tells Bravo about her decision to get onesies.

On this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Parks and Williams have been close friends. They have both gone through plenty of drama with Parks’ divorce and Williams’ baby plans, so it makes sense that they would be there for one another. And it sounds like Porsha wanted to encourage Phaedra to move on from her divorce drama, as she claimed the divorce had been settled. And to help her move on, they talked about her going on a date and getting a new look. Porsha offered up her wig collection to her friend.

“Actually I do! Although I must admit the names change from time to time depending on how we style them. I have almost 10-15 units. It’s easy for me to be obsessed with hair, because I own a hair company,” Porsha Williams explains about her wig collection to Bravo, adding that she loves to play around with her wigs and looks, explaining, “I will often try different textures myself by getting units made and coloring them, curling them, and styling them in lots of different ways. I’m currently obsessed with Sasha, which is a curly unit with honey blonde tips. She’s super fierce.”

Of course, Parks felt great in the wigs and she even told viewers on The Real Housewives of Atlanta that she would consider wearing them for upcoming events and possible dates. No word on whether the mother of two has started dating yet.

“I thought Phaedra looked best in the jet black lob unit; that one was made with Go Naked Peruvian Straight! I chose that one because it’s low maintenance and easy to curl and will always be silky and sexy, perfect for the mom on the go! I’ll start calling that one Frack Attack! LOL!” Williams explained about Phaedra playing around with the wigs as well.

What do you think of Porsha Williams’ decision to create the onesies for herself and Phaedra? Do you think she’s a good friend since Apollo Nida’s new girlfriend decided to show up to Kandi’s restaurant opening, causing potential drama between the ladies?

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