Abby Lee Miller Plans New ‘Dance Moms’ Spinoff Series, Moms Of Mini Team To Follow

Abby Lee Miller is reportedly planning a new Dance Moms spinoff series on another network. According to one mini team dance mom, the entire mini team plans to follow Abby Lee Miller to her new project.

Mini team members are age 10 and under and were kicked off of Dance Moms during Season 7, leaving Abby Lee Miller angry and frustrated. With the recent departure of Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms on Lifetime, dance moms who are loyal to the 50-year-old dance instructor and choreographer think another show with the minis on another network is the best outcome, as shared by Radar Online.


Dance Moms Season 7 wrapped up in February. The long-running reality TV series on the Lifetime network, which originally started out by following the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) and the junior elite dancers back in 2011, held a steady viewership for all of the seven seasons. However, when Abby Lee Miller recently officially announced that she wouldn’t be returning to Dance Moms after Season 7, fans began to comment that they wouldn’t continue to watch the show.

Both fans and dance moms alike said that Abby Lee Miller was Dance Moms and that a new coach could not replace her. Abby Lee Miller shared on social media over a week ago that she would no longer take part in Dance Moms, adding that she’s tired of “being manipulated, disrespected, and used” by the producers. Miller also alleged that producers made up storylines and staged scenes in order to “stir up drama” for Dance Moms, per a previous report by the Inquisitr.

After keeping quiet for “quite some time” and watching the departure of one of her friends, who was also a makeup artist on Dance Moms, Abby Lee Miller decided it was her time to exit the show, saying she was excited for someone else to get the experience of working with the producers. Fans immediately reacted with support, adding that Abby Lee Miller would be missed and that Dance Moms won’t be the same without her. Some fans even said that they won’t continue to watch Dance Moms without “the real Abby Lee.”


Season 8 of Dance Moms is supposed to return with professional dancer Cheryl Burke, 32, replacing Abby Lee Miller, as noted by People Magazine. But the new season of Dance Moms may see a noticeable drop in viewership, as loyal fans of Abby Lee Miller say they will go where she goes, which may be a new show on an entirely different network.

Even though Abby Lee Miller said she’s not opposed to returning to Dance Moms in the future, she’s reportedly looking at starting a new show with the Abby Lee Dance Company on a new network and taking the mini team with her, as shared by one mini team dance mom, Sari Lopez. Lopez exclusively told Radar Online that Miller pitched a Dance Moms spinoff series to a different network, adding that only the mini team dance members would be featured on the new show.

“She’s always wanted her own show with the minis. But production wouldn’t let that happen.”

Although not much is known about Abby Lee’s new Dance Moms project, she recently took to Instagram and made reference to TV executive Mike Darnell, who has a highly regarded and influential history with reality TV projects, including American Idol, The Bachelor, The Simple Life, MasterChef, and Kitchen Nightmares.

Abby Lee Miller shared a photo on Instagram three days ago with the caption, “Mike Darnell reassures my faith in Reality TV!” alongside the hashtag #thebestisyettocome.

The International Business Times shared on Monday that Abby Lee Miller is teasing a new upcoming project, possibly as a new reality TV show, and that the mini dancers remain loyal to her and the nearly 40-year-old ALDC, which is based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


iTech Post reported last month that Abby Lee Miller had a new show in the works even before she left Dance Moms on a three-week hiatus, following an alleged feud with former dance member Chloe Lukasiak. However, Abby Lee hasn’t announced a network or a possible air date.

Said Miller, “I have a new show that’s scripted that’s about dance, but a little bit of supernatural in it so we’ll see.”

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