Demi Lovato Jokes About Internet Alter Ego Poot Lovato

Demi Lovato sent fans into a frenzy on April 3 after she tweeted out a GIF of her viral alter ego, Poot Lovato.

Demi took to the social media site to tweet out the captionless post, which simply featured a not-so-flattering image of herself that fans refer to as Poot moving across the screen. The tweet probably seemed a little bizarre to fans who aren’t familiar with the viral internet sensation, Poot Lovato.

As reported by Teen Vogue, back in 2015, a fan stumbled across the unfortunate photo of Demi that made her face appear out of proportion due to the angle and flash. The fan then spread the photo online and decided to claim the image was actually of Lovato’s twin sister, Poot Lovato, who they jokingly claimed was Demi’s twin sister that she keeps locked in a basement.


Poot Lovato went viral overnight, and it seems like Demi’s fans were only too happy to be reminded of the pretty bizarre viral sensation this week.

Demi’s fans responded with glee to the captionless GIF the star decided to post on social media almost two years after the viral story was initially created, praising Lovato for resurrecting the meme and joking that she’d “let out” Poot.

“Best tweet all day,” Twitter user @allicatttx tweeted in response to Demi’s Poot tweet, while @ParkerMaloy jokingly started the hashtag #FreePootLovato, and @GrandesDevotion added, “OMG POOT RISES.”

“Are you gonna give poot a feature on your next album?” @gabby_frost tweeted in response to Lovato’s GIF, while Demi fan @bodeysay wrote that the “Cool For The Summer” singer was the “queen of letting her doppelgänger out of the basement.”

Demi’s tweet already has more than more than 36,000 retweets and almost 80,000 favorites since she posted the GIF yesterday.

Demi Lovato posts Poot Lovato meme
[Image by Rick Kern/Getty Images for BeautyKind: Concert for Causes]

Demi Lovato’s decision to resurrect the Poot Lovato meme will likely come as a surprise to fans of the star, as Lovato initially made it clear that she wasn’t exactly a fan of the viral sensation and bizarre fake back story when the initial meme first came to fruition back in October 2015.

Demi tweeted out her disdain for Poot in a series of now-deleted tweets according to Pop Crush, allegedly calling the meme “s****y” and slamming her fans for spreading the image and the made up story surrounding her fabled doppelgänger.

“Cool to see a s****y angle turn into a meme that circulates the Internet to people’s amusement ha,” Lovato tweeted out at the time after the meme went viral online, though Demi then quickly deleted her response to Poot. “Oh and make actual ‘headlines.'”

Poot Lovato hit the headlines around two years ago, as Buzzfeed reported that the photo of Demi first went viral on Tumblr after a fan stumbled across the particularly unflattering image which was taken of the star out and about in London and then opted to upload it with an odd caption and backstory.

Demi Lovato resurrects Poot Lovato meme
[Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

According to the site, the fan posted the image online alongside the caption, “Demi’s twin sister. She was locked in a basement her whole life. This picture was taken the first time she went outside. Her name is Poot.”

Demi’s fans were then quick to jump on the viral sensation, setting up Twitter and Facebook accounts in Poot’s name, much to Lovato’s displeasure.

As for what caused Demi to resurrect Poot Lovato on Twitter this week despite previously making it clear she wasn’t a fan of the unflattering photo floating around the web, Lovato is yet to reveal her motivation.

What do you think of the bizarre viral sensation that is Demi Lovato’s fake twin sister, Poot Lovato?

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