DIY Easter Baskets: String And Balloon Basket Ideas With Photos, Videos, And Tutorials

Easter is coming up, and there’s no better time than the present to get started on do-it-yourself (DIY) Easter baskets. String and balloon basket ideas are plentiful, and the finished craft gives a unique look for Easter baskets that express they were crafted with love and care. Making DIY string and balloon Easter baskets isn’t difficult, nor is it an expensive craft. Below is a selection of photos, videos, and tutorials to help ensure your string baskets are a success.

Fabric Stiffener, Balloon, and Yarn String Easter Basket Tutorial

The following video uses fabric stiffener, a balloon, and yarn to make a string Easter basket. Balloons are available in a wide array of sizes so you can determine the finished size of your Easter basket based upon the amount of air you fill the balloon with. The color string or yarn you select will determine the color of the finished basket, and you can find yarn in a wide array of colors and textures. Consider using soft, pastel colors, or specialty yarn with hints of metallic added in. The video tutorial below demonstrates the method, and you’ll find it’s a relatively simple, easy, and fun process.

Fabric stiffener is available in craft and hobby stores. Additionally, you can make your own fabric stiffener and still get the same results when using a balloon and string to make your own DIY Easter baskets. You can use mod podge, glue, and water mixed to a milk-like consistency, and recipes for homemade spray starch. You can find several recipes for fabric stiffener at Crafting a Green World. The photo below uses a balloon and mod podge to create the string Easter basket. An Easter bunny cut out was then affixed to the basket to give it a holiday-themed look.

The following tutorial is for DIY String Chandeliers and has been adapted for Easter baskets. The principle is the same, but this tutorial uses a few more items than the one above. In addition to the balloons, string, and glue, cornstarch is added to the mixture to ensure the yarn is extremely stiff. Some people opt for crochet thread instead of standard, worsted yarn, but you are free to experiment with different materials and choose what best fits your needs and creative style.

There are many variations you can add when making a DIY string Easter basket. You can choose colors that are appropriate for boys or girls, change the size of the finished basket, and fill it with any items you choose. The balloon gives the Easter basket an egg shape, which makes it the perfect choice for the holiday. Small balloons may be used to create decorative pieces that resemble Easter eggs and because the craft is simple, you might find it a bit addicting. When the string-wrapped balloon is drying, be certain to hang it in an area out of reach of little fingers. The DIY string Easter baskets do not have a handle. Many find that adding a decorative piece of ribbon adds a finishing touch while also making it easier to lift.

DIY Sugar String Easter Baskets

Another popular method for DIY Easter baskets doesn’t use glue, mod podge, starch, or fabric stiffener, but sugar. Sugar string Easter baskets have been handcrafted for many years and are a wonderful way to create your own decorations. Stockpiling Moms has a sugar string tutorial that will have you whipping up these Easter baskets in no time at all. The sugar basket recipe consists of mixing 1/2 cup of warm water with 1 cup of granulated sugar. Simply mix the sugar and water together until it has a glue-like consistency. Wrap the string around the balloon, and once finished, dip the string-wrapped balloon in the bowl of sugar water. Make sure to leave a piece of string dangling from the ballon for hanging purposes.

Are you going to make DIY string Easter baskets this year? Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Roobcio/Shutterstock]