‘Prison Break’: First Five Minutes Of Season 5 And Everything You Need To Know [Video]

Eight years after Prison Break signed off, the popular series is back with more action and suspense. When we last saw Michael Scofield, he sacrificed himself for his wife, Sara Tancredi, because he was going to die of a brain tumor. The show ended with Michael dead. However, eight years later, Michael has also been resurrected in the new season. This news is going to shock everyone close to him and disrupt their lives. What do we know about Prison Break Season 5, and who is returning to this Fox show?


Fans cannot wait to see the two lead characters return. Actors Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller, who play Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield, not only play brothers on Prison Break, but their work relationship also makes them brothers from a different mother, as Miller explained to ET Online.

“We are like brothers at this point. When I see him, there’s a level of comfort and familiarity that is like when I get together with family. I know that he has my back and I have his, and we get each other’s rhythm and style. We have a shorthand on set, so there’s a layer of comfort when I work with Dom.”

Since the show ended after the fourth season, the two actors have been forever associated with their Prison Break roles. Just two years ago, the duo thrilled Prison Break fans when they reunited on The Flash as Leonard Snart (aka Captain Cold) and Mick Rory (aka Heat Wave), with Miller as the former and Purcell the latter.

Before their debut on the CW show, the pair spoke to Buzzfeed how they are forever associated with their Prison Break characters. Aussie native Purcell declared that he is forever Lincoln.

“The films I have done are completely redundant. I am Lincoln Burrows forever.”

He realizes that he is quite lucky that fans love his character and still recognize him.

“You just have to embrace it. I’m very humbled by Prison Break’s success.”

In addition to The Flash, Purcell explains what also built up the Prison Break reunion momentum was Netflix. Thanks to the popular streaming service, the show gained a new generation of followers who consumed the episodes and wanted to revisit these characters.

“That’s the other thing about Prison Break: It never stops. That’s the thing about new media. It’s like we have a new generation of Prison Break fans, thanks to Netflix.”

Fox has already released the first five minutes of the first episode of the new season so that old fans can catch up. Yet, new fans who have heard the recent hype may want to catch up with the first four seasons to get the full journey of Michael and Lincoln.


Who else is returning to Prison Break Season 5? Sarah Wayne Callies is reprising her role as Sara Tancredi. Amaury Nolasco is returning as Fernando Sucre, Rockmond Dunbar as Benjamin “C-Note” Franklin, and Robert Knepper as Theodore Bagwell. While Paul Adelstein is reprising his role as Kellerman, the Inquisitr recently reported that William Fichtner will not be reprising his role as Alexander Mahone. Instead, Fichtner will be hosting the American version of Top Gear and is currently on Mom. It does not appear that Fichtner rejected returning as Alex Mahone. Instead, Robert Knepper explained that screenwriter Paul Scheuring could not figure out what to do with Fichtner’s character.

“I really trust Paul Scheuring – and Paul loves Bill Fichtner and I love Bill Fichtner. He’s a brilliant actor – but Paul honestly said to me, ‘I don’t know what to do with that character.’ He didn’t want to just bring everybody back, so that the audience go, ‘Oh, look, it’s Bill Fichtner again!’ – he honestly thought, ‘I’m not sure where to do that in the plot.'”

Fans can only hope that if this revival is a success and a sixth season is planned, Fichtner will be returning.

Are you excited for the new season of Prison Break? Are you excited to see how Michael and Lincoln break out of a new prison?

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