‘One Punch Man’ Season 2 In The Making, Will It Feature Saitama’s First Defeat?

The wait is finally over. After the completion of the first season, One Punch Man created an enormous uproar and a massive amount of fans all over the globe. One Punch Man, in no time, became a global phenomenon, one which wasn’t certainly anticipated.

Despite One Punch Man’s unprecedented success in 2015, the makers of the animated series did not confirm the release of the next season. Since the first season only comprised of a dozen episodes, it seems that the makers of One Punch Man wanted to first experiment their way through the first season and then decide whether to work on the next season.

It has been a prolonged wait for OPM fans desperate to hear the good news of Season 2. Finally, it has been officially announced that the second season is on its way, under production.

The news became common knowledge thanks to Ken Xyro, who confirmed it on Twitter. The user has shared an image confirming a definite second season for One Punch Man. At the moment, there is no further information released with regards to the Season 2 premiere, except the fact that it is more likely the upcoming season will be released during 2017 only.


One Punch Man Season 2 was announced during an Autumn festival celebrated in the month of September 2016. The announcement came directly from the studio Madhouse. Madhouse was definitely the brains behind the first season and showed images to announce the release of new episodes starring the great Saitama and his student Genos, Class B and Class S heroes working under the Society of Super Heroes.

What makes One Punch Man such a markedly different but amazing anime is the fact that it doesn’t only show fights and action like what mostly happens in Dragon Ball Super. Perhaps this is why Dragon Ball lost a number of fans who wanted the show to take on something new rather than just being a drag since the Z-series.

What makes One Punch Man so different is the fact that other anime feature their protagonists as cool, spiky hair dudes with a serious character, one that everyone in the plot takes seriously. Most often than not, this leads to boredom. One Punch Man features a protagonist who is a totally so-not-cool bald character who no one takes seriously. Saitama, as he is called, is just an ordinary funny guy who somehow takes out anyone with a single punch.

The crux of One Punch Man derives from the original idea of One under the Japanese manga artist, Yusuke Murata. His work started being published in the magazine named Tonari no Young Jump in December 2012. The series is still ongoing after being published in Japan.

The manga inspired an animated adaptation for television. The first season was broadcast between October and December 2015 with a total of 12 episodes, six specials, and two OVA episodes.

The plot takes place in Z City, Japan. Saitama is a superhero who, due to various circumstances, can defeat the monsters and villains that devastate the place with a punch. He finds this boring because he does not find a rival to match the height. That is why he undertakes a singular adventure together with the Association of Heroes. In addition to finding a worthy opponent, Saitama has to get the rest to value him because his appearance makes people discriminate against him and consider him a hero from three to the fourth.

Given Saitama’s feats so far, fans have been speculating the return of Lord Boros, Saitama’s ultimate power rival in the first season. Meanwhile, others suggest the arrival of Garou, one of Silverfang’s most capable students. Whatever the case, the wait is too agonizing for millions of fans.

It may also be that Season 2 features Saitama’s first defeat. This is because it will invoke more fan interest in the series. However, it is not completely necessary given how everyone watched all 12 episodes of the first season thinking that Saitama will ultimately win the battle anyway.

But the same vigor may still not apply for Season 2 and the writers might try and make things more interesting for both Saitama and the series. On the other hand, what will be the point of the one punch man, if it takes more than one punch to destroy anyone? Let’s see how the second season unfolds and let’s pray that the show keeps on going.

[Featured Image by One Punch Man/Facebook]