‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jax Returns With Bombshells, Tracy Prepares For Her Trip, And Sam Starts Digging

Where are things headed during the week of April 3 on General Hospital? Spoilers tease that Jax will be back and both Sonny and Carly are going to be facing some upsetting news. GH teasers note that Sam will be digging into Julian’s supposed death and Tracy will be ready to head to Turkey on her wild adventure. What else is on the way on Monday’s episode and the next few shows?

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Carly’s ex-husband Ingo Rademacher is back as Jasper “Jax” Jacks beginning with Monday’s show and he’ll be revealing additional information about his role in the kidney transplant involving Nelle and Josslyn. GH teasers hint that what he shares will leave everybody quite shaken, surely Carly in particular, and viewers will be interested to see if anything unexpected emerges on this front. SheKnows Soaps indicates that as Monday’s show plays out, Carly will get sad news and Sonny will be left feeling humbled.

Sam has started to wonder if Julian is really dead and she has started an investigation of her own. GH teasers note that she will be anxious to find closure and Soap Central indicates that she will soon connect with Curtis for help. Will these two soon find out that Julian is still alive, and will he be purposely hiding or unable to return on his own?

Tracy's adventure overseas is ready to begin [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Alexis is going to be apologizing to someone, and she will still be facing a lot of grief and a good deal of remorse over the next few episodes. Tracy is on a mission to head to Turkey to find the painting her father supposedly secretly purchased, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that Tracy and Laura will be having an emotional chat as they work through their plans. Tracy is going to be anxious to find answers, but GH teasers note that Ned will be suspicious and ready to intervene in all of this.

Viewers suspect that as Laura and Tracy head off to Turkey together, the storyline will move forward in such a way that Tracy ultimately stays away from Port Charles. GH teasers have been hinting that actress Jane Elliot is ready to retire, and while there has been some speculation that the show might try a recast for the iconic Quartermaine role, most can’t imagine anybody but Elliot playing the character. There is also some speculation that Tony Geary may pop back up in the role of Luke to help bid farewell to Tracy, and more should emerge on this front soon.

The week of April 3 brings more with Finn as he desperately works on kicking his Zen Zen addiction. While Hayden has been by his side, GH teasers note that this may become a significant struggle as his attempts to recover progress. Despite all of their previous differences, Elizabeth and Hayden will manage to find some common ground, and Elizabeth will be working to reassure Franco that they are still a strong couple despite her hesitation to accept his proposal.

Rebecca Herbst plays Elizabeth on 'General Hospital'
Elizabeth tries to reassure Franco this week [Image by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images]

Anna will be expressing regret, surely over what Valentin has told her about their past together, and General Hospital spoilers share that he will be left surprised by some of what lies ahead. Fans will see some action with Dante over the course of the next few shows as he is intrigued and suspicious and Carly will have forgiveness on her mind soon. Will Carly be ready to forgive Sonny, or is her forgiveness related to what Jax did regarding Nelle, Josslyn, and the transplant?

What will Jax reveal about the kidney transplant and how will that impact Josslyn, Nelle, Carly, and Sonny? Is Julian alive as many suspect and will Sam’s investigation pave the way for him to reunite with Alexis? What surprises are in store for Tracy and Laura during their adventure in Turkey? General Hospital spoilers hint at juicy twists and turns emerging over the course of the next few shows and fans are curious to see what’s coming up next.

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