‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jake Could Be Helena’s Living Curse

General Hospital spoilers tease that Jake Webber (Hudson West) could be far more than he seems. It’s strange that Jake seems to know what is in the book that Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) left. Could it be that the curse Helena promised isn’t something intangible, magical, or mysterious? Could the curse Helena left be embodied in Jake himself? Here are some clues about Jake and his mystery.

Helena Is Known For Brainwashing

General Hospital history shows us that Helena has a long history of brainwashing people. She did it to Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson) back in 2000, and it took Lucky some time to break free of the mental conditioning Helena used to make him her minion. Helena only had Lucky in her clutches for 10 months. Imagine what Helena could do with years of freedom to work on a brain.

Then, in 2007, General Hospital spoilers had Helena plotting to kidnap and brainwash Emily Quartermaine (Natalia Livingston) to try and get her to break things off with Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher). That plot never played out because Emily was killed before the plot came to fruition. Then there’s the fate of Jake’s biological father, Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) aka Jake Doe.


Jason Was Brainwashed Too

Let’s not forget, from more recent General Hospital history, Jason was held by Helena. First, Jason was frozen because of his extensive injuries after being shot by Cesar Faison (Anders Hove). After Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) found a way to bring Jason back, Helena had a microchip put in Jason’s brain as part of her plans to make him her pet killer. Jason was acting out for a while.

Then the microchip was discovered and Jason had surgery to remove it. But even before the chip was removed, Jason struggled against Helena’s programming. General Hospital showed us that when Helena ordered “Jake Doe” to kill Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) and Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson), Jason struggled against the programming and hallucinated Robin to help him fight the orders.


Did Helena Also Brainwash Jake?

Given how rapidly Helena established mind control over Lucky and Jason, it seems quite possible that Helena could do a whole lot of damage to a young boy with an impressionable mind when she had him under her control for years. General Hospital spoilers predict Jake might be going into that trance-like state and quoting the book Helena left for Liz for a very good reason.

Liz thinks Jake has never seen the weird little coloring book Helena left behind, but she may be 100 percent wrong. There may be a very good reason Jake is quoting the book and drawing pictures from it. Maybe Helena used to read the book to Jake as a creepy bedtime story. General Hospital spoilers from Soaps She Knows say Jake does something strange that hints the kid was brainwashed.


Signs Of Mind Control?

General Hospital spoilers say Jason will find out more about the scarecrow and Jake’s past on Cassadine Island, but for now, there are signs that the kid was programmed by Helena. First, he has that gap in his memory. Remember when Franco (Roger Howarth) asked Jake to draw his childhood, and he left that huge empty space on the paper? Perhaps Helena wiped Jake’s memories clean as part of the programming.

Second, Jake went into a trance a couple of times and murmured strange things. Third, Jake got up in the middle of the night to draw the scarecrow then had no memory of doing so. Fourth, Jake knew about the curse Helena put on Sam even though the General Hospital timeline shows Helena cursed Sam after Jake was away from Cassadine Island and back in Port Charles.


Is Jake The Curse Helena Promised?

If Helena did brainwash Jake, there’s the question of whether he’s Helena’s curse. Jake has been consumed with worry about the curse affecting Sam. Remember, Jake played a role in Sam almost burning to death at Liz Webber’s (Rebecca Herbst) old house. Is Jake the curse that Helena left behind? Did the wicked old woman brainwash Liz and Jason’s son to act out her orders after her death?

General Hospital spoilers promise we’ll have some closure on this, but it will likely spill over into May sweeps based on the spoilers we have that keep Sam and Jason in Port Charles until after mid-April when Julian Jerome (William deVry) returns from the dead, ironically enough, on Easter. Upcoming General Hospital spoilers reveal Jake’s strange behavior amps up soon and Franco is concerned.


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