Paranormal Activity Taints Randy Orton Vs. Bray Wyatt At 'WrestleMania 33'

It was somehow weird, spooky, and dull all at once as Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt battled for the top prize on SmackDown Live.

After building to their WrestleMania 33 match with betrayal, burning houses, satanic rituals, and rubbing of ashes, Orton and Wyatt fought before a quiet Camping World Stadium crowd. The weirdness started during Orton's entrance as an animated viper -- which actually looked like a bodily fluid -- follow him down the ramp.

Fans on Twitter had fun with the oddly structured viper but the hope was that once Orton and Wyatt locked horns, it would be a classic WWE championship encounter.

However, things got even more questionable during the match. Wyatt is known for his outlandish mind tricks but on Sunday, his tactics were more visual as the WWE ring became a ditch full of worms feasting on a rotting carcass.

As Wyatt set up to hit one of his signature moves, the entire ring was engulfed with a projection of worms, a flashback to the demonic videos that came out of Orton burning down the Wyatt compound.

To make matters worse, the crowd -- either due to the show length or match quality -- were near silent as Wyatt and Orton fought. Despite Wyatt's tricks, the savvy veteran Orton overcame Wyatt with his signature RKO to pick up the win and capture his 13th WWE championship.

After missing WrestleMania 32 last year due to injury -- the first time Orton was not on a Wrestlemania card since 2003 -- it was a triumphant return to the grandest stage in sports entertainment. Since his storyline with Wyatt Family began last year, Orton has praised the run as some of his best work in years.

Orton spoke to IGN earlier this week and recalled when he was first brought the idea to team with Wyatt.

"With the Wyatt thing, when I first jumped ship and joined the Wyatt Family, fans were like 'Oh, I've seen this before.' They've done that before. They've kidnapped guys and cast their spells and all that stuff. Daniel Bryan was a member of the Wyatts but that only lasted a few weeks and then he turned on them. So a lot of people, I think, thought this was going to be short-lived and it just started the buzz a little bit."
Wyatt, on the other hand, stayed mostly in character during media appearances leading up to the big event. Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Wyatt described his relationship with Orton."A lot of the relationship between me and Randy is undocumented," Wyatt said. "The people only know what they've seen from small television segments. The real story behind me and Randy is that we were a cohesive unit. We both knew that and respected that, and we were even closer behind the scenes. We were a dominant force in the back and out in the arenas."
"People recognized, from both brands, that Randy and I were the omega of WWE. It's baffling to me that he would choose to stab me in the back and ruin everything because it was a quite a dangerous tandem we had built."
In that same interview, Wyatt said, "If I were Goldberg or Brock Lesnar, I wouldn't want to have to go on after me and Randy. From their standpoint, I wouldn't want to be them and have to go on after us."

Goldberg and Lesnar did go on after Orton and Wyatt and while both matches ended in title changes, it was the two part-time behemoths that garnered a stronger reaction.

[Featured Image by WWE]